Washing Machine Capacity – How Many Clothes Can Be Washed in 6 KG Washing Machine

Once you purchase washing machine, your job is not done there. You might be wondering on whether the machine’s capacity is sufficient for your whole family. If you select a too small capacity washing machine, you need to definitely wash your clothes in multiple batches wasting time and energy. On the other hand, if you choose an oversized machine, it consumes more power and water. This article exactly helps you with this concern. It helps you decide on capacity of clothes to use not only on a 6 Kg washing machine but also for others too.

How Many Clothes Can Be Washed in 6 KG Washing Machine

Before going into how many clothes to use, you need to be aware of what it means about the capacity that they mention for washing machine. A 6 kg washing machine doesn’t mean that the whole machine itself weighs 6 Kg. This means the weight of the clothes that the washing machine can bear and efficiently wash them. Also, remember that as the capacity of washing machine increases, it weighs and occupies more. So, before buying, check if the particular washing machine fits in the space allocated for the washing machine at your home.

When we mentioned that the clothes are the capacity that the manufacturer of the washing machine mentions, you might now have another question whether the weight of clothes is when they are wet or dry. This is obvious to ask, as a dress or jeans weigh double when they are wet and need to specifically know whether dry or wet clothes is the measurement for the maximum capacity that they are mentioning. The answer to this question is dry clothes. The weight of your dry clothes is the capacity that the washing machine label is saying. So, a 6 Kg washing machine can handle 6 Kg dry clothes to wash.

Now that you know that a washers capacity is the weight of the dry clothes that you are loading into washing machine, it is important to weigh your laundry to get the exact capacity that you can use in your machines. You can do this by using a bathroom scale by standing on it with laundry in your hand or with a kitchen scale measuring each cloth. Instead of this, we have collected an average number that you can use to measure the capacity. This, we have collected from different sources.

A 1 Kg laundry means either 1 shirt with a pair of denim jeans or 2 bath towels or 5 shirts. Using this guideline, we can say that a 6 Kg laundry means either 12 bath towels or 30 shirts together. This is a general guideline that you can follow, however every garment differs in shape and size too. For big sized laundry, this general guideline varies. A 7 Kg capacity can clean Double sized blanket, an 8 Kg capacity can clean Queen sized blanket and a 10 Kg can clean full sized curtains efficiently. With the help of this article, now you can comfortably load a 6 Kg washing machine appropriately.

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