Viviek Mishra yoga trainer Contestant of Bigg Boss 7 : Profile, wiki, biography

Viviek Mishra is a celebrity yoga trainer but more popular for other reasons like fighting for rights of a gay and accusing Raja Chaudhary for dishounoring him. Here is complete profile, biography and controversies related to Vivek Mishra who is another wild card contestant in Bigg Boss 7 after Asif Azim.

Vivek Mishra is actually a yoga teacher and is popular for his positive stand for his fellow gays. He is one who preached nude yoga. By nature Vivek Mishra is funny but on the other hand do everything to remain in limelight.

Vivek Mishra biodata, family and personal information

Date of birth and age of Vivek Mishra – June 1982, age is 31 years.
Place of birth and present address – He is from Uttar Pradesh but resides at Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Vivek Mishra twitter profile –‎‎
Vivek Mishra marital or relationship status – He is unmarried and declared himself as gay and is very popular among LGBT community in India.

Viviek Mishra allegations, notorious yogas and other controversies

Vivek mishra is actually a yoga trainer and a celebrity and he always took stands for gays as he himself is also one of that community. He is also famous for his notorious yogas as he preached naked yogas. Recently he was in news when he filed a complaint against Raja Chaudhary ex husband of Shweta Tiwary for attempting rape and dishonouring him leading to confining him in a room. Vivek Mishra is bold and witty and remains in news for all good and bad reasons.

Vivek Mishra in and as a contestant of Bigg Boss 7

Vivek Mishra had entered the house after having all the information in the house, seeing all odds, groups and strategies of the other house mates, His bold nature may be a threat to other contestants ut will certainly be an interesting character inside the house. After Arman’s short temprament, Vivek’s wittiness will be interesting to watch, but for how many days he can survive let us wait and watch.

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