Why Narendra Modi should be Prime Minister of India?

Narendra Modi popularly now known as NaMo is a proven administrator. He is an active party member since the founding of BJP. From actively involved in the party administration he has been made as the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2004.

Narendra Modi is the BJP prime ministerial candidate for Lok Sabha election 2014 and is the favorite especially among youth. 58% voted for Narendra Modi as Prime Minister in an opinion poll.

Achievements and work done by Narendra Modi in Gujarat

He has turned Gujarat into one of the most developed States in India during his period. He provides a clean administration and every company in India runs after Gujarat for investment due to no corruption and a State which is very co-operative in establishing industries. Even multinational companies prefer Gujarat as their destination for investment.

The public transport in Ahmedabad has made several firsts and the World Bank recommends every country and every state in India to follow the example.

During his tenure as CM, Gujarat has attained self-sufficiency in power and in fact the only State in India with surplus power.

He stoutly stood against strong opposition and went ahead and implemented Narmada Sarovar dam which has made water available to most parts of the State.

Gujarat has established the biggest solar power plant in the world. Novel idea of covering the canals which take water to various parts of the State from the Narmada Sarovar dam with solar power panels got wide appreciation from the world. This has achieved a twin objective of reduction of water drying from open canals due to sun light as well as saving so much land space for erecting solar power panels.

GIFT which is being established in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat is the first Free Zone for Financial Centre in India. This mini city will have green certification and district cooling services i.e. the entire air-conditioning of the city will be done by a central equipment thereby saving precious energy and cost. It will also have a most modern garbage clearing system whereby the garbage once thrown in the garbage chute will be sucked to the central location where it will be either re-cycled or used for generation of power. The city will be fully covered by CCTV surveillance for swift security or emergency actions. This city will bring in several firsts to the nation and will pave way for similar developments elsewhere in the country. Major multinational and Indian financial institutions have already shown keep interest in joining from the development stage itself.

Entire India know how swiftly Gujarat has handed over land to Tata Motors for Nano factory when they faced severe problems in West Bengal. The beauty is before the project completed the entire infrastructure for the project has been created by the state such as six lane roads, rail heads to the port, etc.

Women in Gujarat are empowered and Gujarat is one of the safest places in India for women. There are several women self-Groups in Gujarat and several small scale industries and medium size industries run by women in Gujarat.

Apart from Godhra riots which took place before even Mr. Narendra Modi settled in his position, there is not even a single riot or any disruptive activities in Gujarat during his period as Chief Minister.

Why Narendra Modi is a threat for Congress in upcoming election

As far as Congress is concerned, the main party of UPA has nothing else to compete with him. Hence, they keep harping on Godhra riots. What is Godhra riots? Ram devotees who were returning from Ayodhya were burnt in a train by communal mob. The response of the people were spontaneous and erupted into riots. Have we not faced similar situation when Indira and Rajiv were killed? Has the country or any other party blamed the PM or the CM of any State for this? Why in this case only against the CM of the State?

Several communal riots have taken place before Godhra riots as well as after Godhra riots? Does anyone of us or Congress remembers the CM of those States? Everyday Kashmiri pandits are being killed in Jammu & Kashmir by Militants? Had anyone shed tears for this inhuman activities?

You cannot cheat people continuously. Time has come. People understood the difference between right and wrong.

Reasons for unpopularity of Congress

What is Congress party’s achievement in Centre and States. After 65 years of independence India’s financial position is strained and is almost about to collapse. They can divide a State into two just for 21 MP States. Unmindful of the precarious financial situation, introduction of Food Security Bill, Mobile Security Bill, etc. were passed just for votes. The natural resources of the country are used as the private property of Congress leaders. Indian Rupee is losing its value every day and no one seems to bother. The weaker the rupee, higher the inflation and poor and middle class will find it difficult to survive. During the tenure of Congress Government the nation went through 2G scam, coal scam, etc.

It is a shame for a country which has one of the best weathers in the world, sufficient rains, natural resources and one of the most skilled manpower to be languishing like this.

The entire problem of India is we are not properly administered. It is high time, we bring in a proven administrator Narendra Modi as our Prime Minister by throwing Congress party from power. Bring back the glory of India.

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