Model Republic Day Speech for Teachers on 26 January

Looking for a model speech for Teachers on Republic Day? On 26th January, teachers including Headmasters and Principals of schools and colleges are often required to deliver their speeches. We understand that your busy and hectic life offers less space for preparing a speech, so here is something you can model your Republic Day speech on.

No more search for sample Republic Day speech for teachers PDF download. Here we have offered a model of teachers’ Republic Day speech, which would give you an outline to prepare your lecture. Keep reading!

A model Republic Day Speech for Teachers

“The honourable president, guest in chief, the principal, my fellow teachers and my dear students! I feel honoured to be asked to deliver a Republic Day Speech. For teachers, this day holds special significance and responsibilities, since the man behind our constitution, Babasaheb B R Ambedkar, was himself a professor of political economy in the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai. As we all know, on this auspicious day in the year 1950, we the people of India gave ourselves our constitution, thereby becoming the citizens of a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic. The words sound great indeed, but in practicality, it is hard to achieve. To what extent have we successfully implemented the notions of sovereignty, socialism, secularism, democracy and republicanism will still be controversial indeed; nevertheless, we must not cease our continuous efforts to march forward to these goals.

I fervently believe and hope that on this day, as on every Republic Day, teachers should take up the vow to lead the country to the fulfilment of our goals by inspiring the studentship to live up to these mottos. Hence, in my brief Republic Day speech here, I would like to take the opportunity to discuss these qualities proclaimed in the preamble to our constitution, offer a critique of what has been achieved, and what is still to be done ahead us as a nation.

Sovereignty means supreme power or authority. We take great pride in saying that we have truly achieved it, and it is our duty to protect and maintain the same. In military, legislative and judicial affairs, Indians decide the fate of India, and that is sovereignty in simplest words. Imagine our country to be your house. Does your neighbour interfere in your family matters? No, right? That is sovereignty, where your domestic matters are not directed by any other authorities. However, at the same time, we should aim at gaining economic independence. If you can grow whatever you need in your family farm or kitchen garden, you will not have to depend on the grocer and a price hike in the market will less affect you. Thus, our goal of achieving economic independence will protect us from international inflation, and give us a steady economy.

Socialism aims at equal distribution of wealth among all. As the world is moving towards globalization and capitalism increasingly, it is not possible to revert to theoretical socialism or Marxism per se; and equality is contrary to natural forces. However, to reduce the margin between the rich and the poor, and to average the per capita income of the country, the state should take up more and more welfare schemes for the underprivileged. Also, we should be good Samaritans by helping our neighbours in need. You, dear students, should never forget to thank god for the opportunity you have got to study and make bright careers, and make good livings afterwards, whereas the majority of the world population is still crying in hunger and homelessness. It is therefore your social and moral duty to consider every unfortunate person as your own family members, and extend your helping hands to them.

Secularism is equal rights for all religions. We should learn to respect all other religions, and on the flip side of the coin, stop pampering any particular religious community and be constitutionally equal. May the sun that has risen this morning may spread light of wisdom to do away with all the darkness of religious fanaticism and bigotry. We should also enforce democracy by being aware of our administrative systems, and be bold enough to point the mistakes out and make the citizens’ voice be heard, so that the ideals of a democracy may be served and the nation does not end up being a cluster of medieval principalities under political power-mongers.

Last but not the least, we should take forward the status of a republic in true sense in participating in, and advocating for, the nation’s causes. We should understand that we the common people make the government, and the government is nobody without us. We should not wait for the government to make changes; rather, we should ourselves be the change. We should also in the first place be good and dutiful citizens by doing our stoical, moral and economic duties including paying taxes, not wasting the country’s resources, not littering its public places, and above all, not allowing corruption to engulf its spirit.

I thank you all for attending this ceremony, and listening to my Republic Day Speech. For teachers, nothing is more pleasant to see promises of vigour and vitality in the face of young students, and I earnestly hope that you would all be great citizens of India and live up to the expectation of her future. Jai Hind!”

Model Republic Day speech in Hindi: Teachers, school and college students

Looking for Hindi Republic Day speech? Often, in ceremonies like the Republic Day, we are required to deliver speeches in short notices and do not get time to make one. In such cases, sample Republic Day speeches in Hindi can be of great help. Find such a model essay in Hindi on Republic Day, suitable for school and college students and teachers alike.

Please note that this is only a sample speech. You may write your own Republic Day speech in Hindi in 500-800 words for school and college presentations with help of this article. Keep reading!

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