Jasleen Matharu singer and Bigg Boss 12 contestant : Profile, biography, achievements, controversies

Jasleen Matharu is a singer by profession and will be a contestant in Bigg Boss season 12. She will be entering in BB house as a commoner contestant. Jasleen is not only glamorous but also multi-talented. Having worked with Mika Singh in the past, she also has few controversies in her life.
See detail profile, biography, achievements, works, family relation ship status, controversies and other information related to Jasleen Matharu and her journey in Bigg Boss season 12.

Jasleen Matharu is a professional singer, trained Bharatnatyam, hip hop and belly dancer. She is also well versed in classical singing. Apart from her good looks her talent can be an asset in Bigg Boss house in season 12.

Profile, biography of Jasleen Mathuru, contestant Bigg Boss 12

Jasleen Matharu relationship status – She is single at present.
Jasleen Matharu age – Her date of birth is on 4th April 1991 and her present age is 26 years.
Jasleen Mathuru address – She is originally from Ludhiana. But settled in Mumbai.
Facebook profile of Jasleen Mathuru – No facebook profile has been seen. She has her own website http://jasleenmatharu.com/index.asp
Twitter profile of Jasleen Mathuru – No twitter account available.
Instagram profile of roshmi Banik – https://www.instagram.com/jasleenmatharu/?hl=en

Jasleen Mathuru family, works, achievements and controversies

Jasleen Matharu is basically from Ludhiana, she is a trained classical singer. She started singing at the age of 11. At age sixteen shw was selected as best singer in Inter college singing competition. She had done several shows with renowned singers like Mika Singh and Sukhwinder. She has also done a solo music album Love day love day.
Apart from singing Jasleen is well trained dancer especially Bharatnatyam, hip hop and belly dancing. Multi talented Jasleen is also expert in kick boxing and had taken proper training in it.

Jasleen Matharu journey in and as Bigg Boss 12 contestant

Jasleen Matharu can be a tough competition as she is bold, glamorous as well as physically fit and can perform tasks. She can be impressive in morning dance as well which is one of the major attraction of the show and provides enough footage to the contestants. Overall she can be a dark horse in Bigg Boss season 12

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