How to get Aadhar Card in Bihar: UIDAI enrollment centers in Bihar

How to get Aadhar Card in Bihar

Are you from the state of Bihar? Are you also in a state of frenzy because you don’t know how to make an Aadhar card in Bihar? Are you searching for UIDAI enrollment centers in Bihar? Well then please read on.

Is an Aadhar card mandatory? Well, many of you may wonder if an Aadhar card is necessary at all. Though it has not yet been mandated by the government yet, getting an Aadhar card would still be the wise thing to do. Now that you have an option to book your appointment online, things have become simpler comparatively.

Procedures to get Aadhar card in Bihar

Step 1: How to get an Aadhar card application form in Bihar?

The government has introduced the system of booking your appointment online. You can fill out the Aadhar card application form online with your personal details and select a UIDAI enrollment center in Bihar that is the closest to you. Once you fix your online appointment for Aadhar enrolment in Bihar, you will have to take a printout of the appointment slip which will contain your token number and appointment details. You will need this slip on the date of your appointment. Not all centers in Bihar will have the facility to book an appointment online for an Aadhar card. Below is the list of UIDAI enrollment centers in Bihar. Go through it and check if the center that you need has the online appointment facility available. If not, then you will need to go to the center in person and fill out the form which is not all that bad.

Step 2: Documents needed for making Aadhar card in Bihar

You would need proof of address (PoA), proof of identity (PoI), and your date of birth (DoB) documents. Your passport will work as all three if you have one. If you don’t have your passport, any government or government-authorized institution-issued document should work for you. It is mandatory that your PoI have the latest photo of you in it.

Step 3: The Big Day!!

Now you are all set for the appointment. Take all the documents mentioned in Step 1 and Step 2 on the day of your appointment. Don’t forget to flash a smile and say cheese while you get clicked.

List of UIDAI offices and Aadhar card enrollment centers in Bihar

Information about Aadhar card centers in Bihar is not available yet. We request you to bookmark this page as the latest updates on Aadhar card enrollment centers in Bihar will soon be furnished here. So if you are residing in the State of Bihar looking for an Aadhar card in Bhagalpur, Madhubani, Bhojpur, or in any City/ Districts of Bihar have to wait till such time. Once the UIDAI Aadhar card in Bihar centers has opened up, follow the steps mentioned above.

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