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A multifaceted personality, Srinivasa Iyer Ramaswamy also called as Cho Ramaswamy is a popular Tamil Actor, Comedian, Lawyer, Political Analyst, Screenplay Writer, Director and he is the founder and editor of Tamil magazine Thuglak. Sounds interesting? Read on to know about the biography and profile of Cho Ramaswamy.

Bio-Data and Personal Profile of Cho Ramaswamy

Date of Birth: October 5th, 1934
Place of Birth: Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Father: R. Srinivasa Iyer
Mother: Rajammal
Spouse: Shrimati Soundara Ramaswamy
Son: Sriram Ramaswamy
Daughter: Sindhuja
Education: University of Madras
Profession: Columnist, Comedian, Film Actor, Writer.

Biography of Cho Ramaswamy

Cho Ramaswamy was nominated to Rajya Sabha by the then President of India K.R.Narayanan and Cho served as MP of Rajya Sabha for six years from November 1999 to 2005 November. He was the person behind the victory of Karunanidhi in 1996 State assembly election where he played the major rold in bringing TMC and DMK together in the election. He supported AIADMK in 2011 election.

The famous Tamil political weekly magazine Thuglak was started by Cho Ramaswamy in the year 1970 through which he conveys his message to people through political satire. His impartial assessment of political issues and the boldness with which he put forth his viewpoints, reflects the true fire of political and social satire brings him much fame and popularity in the Tamil Nadu literary circles.

Filmography of Cho Ramaswamy

Cho’s entry into the film world is through the stage play ‘Petral dhaan Pillaya’ written by Pattu which became a hit where Cho played the role of the bike mechanic. A film director A. Bhimsingh adapted the play into a film and Actor Sivaji Ganesan influenced Cho to act in the same role in the film too. That’s how Cho entered film industry. Here is the list of Stage plays by Cho, movies acted and directed by him and other noteworthy works of Cho Ramaswamy.

Screenplays Written by Cho Ramaswamy

Neelagiri Express and Ayiram Poi are the screenplays written by Cho Ramaswamy.

Movies Directed by Cho Ramaswamy

Cho Ramaswamy directed movies like ‘Unmaiye Un Vilai Enna’ an unassailable satire on Society, ‘Mohammed Bin Thuglak’, ‘Yarukkum Vetkam Illai’, ‘Sambo Siva Samboo’, ‘Mr Sampath’.

Movies Acted by Cho Ramaswamy

Cho makes extremely sarcastic and honest political satire movie and his best movie and play is ‘Mohammad Bin Tughluq’ in 1971 and he acted in several movies which includes Guru sishyan, Adhisayappiravi, Aarilirundhu Aruvadhuvarai, Adutha vaarisu, Manithan, Kazhugu, Kaadhalaa Kaadhalaa, Then Mazhai, Nirai Kudam, Galaattaa Kalyaanam, Muhammad bin Tughluq, En Annan, Maattukaaravelan, Pommalaattam, Engal Thangam, Aayiram Poi, Neelagiri Express, Paar Magale Paar, Thanga Pathakkam, Mr.Sampath, Unmaye un vilai enna, Thanikudithanam, Vandhaale Maharaasi, Suryakaanthi, Gowravam, Ninaivil Nindraval, Then Kinnam, Anand, Kuzhanthaikkaaga, Sonthankal Vaazhga, Pon Vanndu, Meyar Meenakshi, Kadavulin Theerppu, Balap Pareetchai, Vaakkuruthi, Orey Saatchi, Thaaikku Oru Pillai, Sankey Muzhanku, Penn Endraal Penn, Anbai Thedi, Antharangam, Cinema Paiththiyam, Roshakkaari, Delhi Maappillai, Ulagam Ivvalavuthaan, Gangaa Gowri, Manitharil Maanikkam, Enga Veettu Kalyaanam.

Dramas and Plays by Cho Ramaswamy

Even though Cho’s dramas and plays are staged decades back, but they are still fresh in the minds of the people which reflects his deep concern for the society. His plays recorded day to day affairs in society. His best stage plays includes Muhammad bin Tughluq, Judgement Reserved, Yaarukkum Vetkamillai, Unmayae Unn Villai Ennae, Saathiram Sonnadhillai, Nermai Urangum Neram, Iraivan Irandhuvittana, Enru Thaniyim Indha Sundanthira Thaagam, Unmai Urangum Neram, Saraswathiyin Selvan, Madras by Night to name a few.

Religious Works by Cho Ramaswamy

Cho’s religious works includes Hindu Maha Samudram Vol – I, II, III, IV, V, and VI, Mahabaratham Pesugirathu, Valmiki Ramayanam, Verukathagada Bramaniyam, Nane Raja.

Other Noteworthy Works of Cho Ramaswamy

Cho makes a strong social statement against caste divisions through his noteworthy play Saathiram Sonnathillai and few of his other noteworthy works includes Engey Brahmanan, Sambavami Yuge Yuge, Saadhal Ellaiyel Kaadhal, Mydear Brahmadeva, Sattam Thalai Guniyattum, Saraswathi Sabatham, Vande Mataram, En Koodathu, Uravugal Ellaiyadi Pappa, Thiraiyulagathai Thirumbi Parkiraen, Janatha Nagar Colony, India Enge Pogirathu etc.

Cho Ramaswamy is an eloquent speaker and his plays are available in CDS and DVD’s which can be watched at home by all generation and is no wonder a rib tickling treat. His plays exposes a deep concern for society and his comments, tickle and tease is only to correct and not to hurt any individual.

Ace Actor Cho Ramaswamy Hospitalized

The 80 years old Cho Ramaswamy has been hospitalized and was admitted in ICU on Wednesday January 21st, 2015 due to breathing problems. Doctor’s attending on him haven’t yet released anything on Cho’s health condition. Let’s pray and wish him a speedy recovery.

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