Bigg Boss 11 : 13th November 43rd day : Friendship tested in nominations, Priyank goes bald

Monday, November 13, 2017
After the double eviction last week, again nomination comes. New equations has been formed in relationship and old relations are at stake. Now why Shilpa Akash mother son relationship is at stake? What went wrong with Akash? Who else find Shilpa Vikas faking their love hate relationship? WHat was the nomination process? Who all are nominated? See Bigg Boss 11 13th November 43rd day live updates

Yesterday after double eviction and Salman's class, Priyank apologizes to Arshi and it looked like the old war and groups seems to be over. But the madhouse cant be so good and the old relationships are now at stake and this time the strongest relation of the house that is of Akash and Shilpa is on the radar.


Bigg Boss 11 : Akash Shilpa no more in mother son relationship

It seems closeness of Vikas and Shilpa is not going well with Akash who is so much attached to Shilpa. Vikas again played a prank and stole the immunity shield to tease Akash just before nomination. Shilpa, Hiten, Puneesh all were into this game. Akash as usual became mad and started accusing Shilpa for not uttering anything against Vikas. Hiten adds fuel and creates a doubt in Akash mind that Vikas Shilpa reft and closeness may be a plan to get maximum attention in the show which may corner Akash. This haunts Akash and he starts questioning Vikas Shlpa closeness. Since Akash is a bit loud, he started poking both Vikas and Shilpa in his own way. Both tries to ignore Akash, while other housemates enjoy the behaviour of Akash and adds fuel in it. Akash even went up sayng that Shilpa is no more her mother and is merely an actress and co participant for him. Finally is their split in mother son relationship between Akash and Shilpa or it was regained? Who all tried to take advantage from this break up? Stay tuned for more details.


Bigg Boss 11 : Friendship tested in nominations

For nomination a high stage is created in the garden area and a telephone is placed. Phone rings and Hina picks and gets nominated. Now for saving herself she have to convince Luv to make a tattoo written as ZERO on his head. Hina herself asks Luv not to do it but Luv agrees, thus Hina gets saved. Akash picks the phone and he is asked to convince Hiten to shred the picture of his family which he got in Diwali. Hiten agrees and Akash is saved from nomination. Best part of nomination was of Hiten. He had to convince Priyank to go bald to save him. Priyank surprisingly agrees and shaves his hair in order to save Hiten. Thus Akash, Hina and Hiten are saved. To save Priyank, Ben had to nominate herself for further two weeks. Ben agrees but became too depressed after doing this. Shilpa played a prank when she was called to get down the platform and come again next day, not even asked to do anything for her and started coming down saying I cant do this. So at present Hina, Hiten, Akash and Priyank are safe from nomination. Who else are saved from nominations and who sacrificed what to save them? Stay tuned for further updates.


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