Bigg Boss 11 : 5th October 4th day episode live updates : Shilpa Vikas fight on another level, Sshivani in her avtar

Thursday, October 5, 2017
Inspite of huge number of contestants this time, the house seems to be rotating between few contestants Shilpa, Vikas and the igniter Arshi. Shilpa Vikas fight went to ugliest level. Sshivani showed her tantrik avatar. Another task for housemates to catch the hen and to make parrot repeat the words. What happened to Shilpa-Vikas war and who were supporting whom ? How Sshivani scared housemates ? What was the task and who won? See Bigg Boss 11, 5th October 4th day episode live updates.

Shilpa Shinde went around poking Vikas and Arshi along with some others were adding fuel on fire. Things went into uglier direction when Shilpa in flow said something related to Vikas mother.


Bigg Boss 11 : Shilpa Shinde isolated on taunting and poking Vikas

Shilpa Shinde continues roaming around the house singing which irritates Vikas and he retaliates which instigate her more to do seeing Vikas getting irritated. The situation gets tense and tense and finally worse when Shilpa comments something related to Vikas birth which Vikas took it as she is speaking about her mother. He gets furious, and demands an apology from Shilpa. All housemates ask shilpa to apologize but she refuges. Hina the expert adviser of the house also ask her to apologize but Shilpa tells her not to come in between, Hina still tries to be the lawyer and starts mentioning where she is wrong, Shilpa ignores her words which irritates Hina. All the housemates isolates Shilpa but Vikas is still not satisfied, he starts sounding utensils, this disturbs everyone. Sshivani intervenes and asks Shilpa to apologize but again no result, then Ssivani takes another step, she continuously stared Shilpa without winking. All housemates got scared including Shilpa, but soon she came into her natural sense and Vikas too stopped that noise. But he stole and hide Shilpa's belongings. How Shilpa reacted when she came to know? Stay tuned for more updates.


Bigg Boss 11 : Another round of task continues

Task continues and this time Hina, Puneesh and Arshi are selected for it. The task is to catch four hens and to keep in a box. The person who will catch hen will be blindfolded and will work on the direction of other two mates. Hina catches hen and Puneesh, Arshi opt to give directions. The trio manage to grab two hens much earlier but then Hina falls and gets minor injury and finally loses the task. In another task Priyank, Jyoti and Sapna is selected by Bigg Boss and they were given few words which they will utter in front of a speaking parrot. If they manage to get those words repeated from parrot, they will win. But this time again housemates fails making the score 3-1 in favour of neighbors. Now the last task will be done by Shilpa, Vikas and Hiten.
What was the final score between padosi and housemates in tasks, what was the reward and punishement, who was best and worst [player selected. Stay tuned for more updates.


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