Bigg Boss 10 : 4th January 80th day updates - Who became captain of the house

Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Captaincy and prize money task Maalgadi is on its peak and any task if not disturbed by Swami Om is incomplete. Who else left the train to become contender for captaincy ? How much prize money increased and who sacrificed their captaincy for that ? What Swami Om did to disturb the task ? Who finally became the captain? See Bigg Boss 10 4th January, 80th day updates and synopsis here.

Three more buzzers to go in maalgadi task. Housemates had already added 11 lakhs by handing prisoner Lopa to Bigg Boss and lost 6 lakhs and 444 Rs by Bani who once again proved that she is walk out queen from the task too and the great Swami Om.


Final captaincy contenders and prize money of Bigg Boss 10

Malgadi task continues, Swami Om even after being out of prison enters the prison and as per his nature disturbs the task. Again entire housemates lashes on him and in this course, Swami Om injures his hand. He complains Bigg Boss against Manu but as usual his call is in vain as he is not allowed to enter the prison. Finally Bigg Boss has to intervene to bring Swami Om out of prison. In next buzzer Manveer is handed over to Bigg Boss and 9,99.000 Rs is further added. Manu and Nitibha also remains in the prison giving up captaincy and both are handed over to Bigg Boss in next two buzzers. Thus housemates gain a sustainable amount and prize money rises to 43,99.999 Rs and Swami Om and Bani becomes contender for captaincy.

Swami Om went on to a level to threat Bigg Boss

Swami Om after his nomination is so insecure and frustrated that he continuously make a request to Bigg Boss through camera to make him winner of the show. He even goes on threatening Bigg Boss that if he is not made winner, his followers will come in huge number and will shut down the show. Yesterday wehave seen Swami Om returned with number of garlands in his neck and was telling that his followers and fans were throwing garland on him. Here is the truth - While entering Bigg Boss house Swami Om requested crew members for some garland saying that he has to perform puja in the house, so he need this. Crew members arranged the garlands which Swami Om put on his neck and mentioned housemates that his fans gave all those. The drama of Swami Om is .... (lack of words to define it).

Chal Baba Selfie le le re - Swami Om disrupts Oppo Selfie task

The housemates in are task are given Oppo mobile phone and selfie stick and have to click few selfies. There are certain conditions for each selfie but Swami Om again becomes a spoil sports and jumps in each selfie. He wants to be in each selfie which as per condition is not allowed. He disobeys Bigg Boss rule when Manu manveer says him the rule given by Bigg Boss. Again a verbal spat goes on with Manu and Swami Om. Later Swami Om comes again to Manu Manveer but they ignore him. Baba says he will be disturbing them all time till he is in the house.

Final captaincy task between Bani and Swami Om and who won it?

Since both Bani and Swami Om have the habit to quit the task, this time she had all support of housemates. Bigg Boss gives a task of making pyramid and housemates can support whomsoever they want. Housemates supported Bani and tried to disrupt Swami Om's pyramid and during this course Swami Om went extremely out of limit.
As per latest news straight from the house Swami Om at last went beyond the worst one could expect. In the task he threw his piss on Rohan and Bani. It was extreme and reaction was obvious. Rohan grabbed Swami Om after that and Bani gave her a kick. He started shouting and pleading Bigg Boss to eliminate Bani and Rohan for being physical. He was literally out of control and housemates followed Salman'sadvice and put him in jail. Now Bigg Boss may eliminate Swami Om as his level crossed beyond limit. Yes it has been decided to eliminate Swami Om. See full story here Bigg Boss 10 81st day Captaincy task chaos and Swami Om finally thrown out of house.


Biraj Gautam said...

bigg boss winner should be bani her alot.

Unknown said...

This baba is such an a*****e. The moment he is out of the show he has to be dragged into the mental asylum...
"Complete treatment hona chahiye is pagal aur wahiyaad insaan ka" 'DHONGI BABA' of the world

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