Bigg Boss 10 : 3rd January 79th day updates - Train task for captaincy or prize money

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
As Salman hinted in weekend ka waar, here comes the task to increase prize money from 15 to 50 lakhs, but is that too easy especially when Swami Om is back? What is the twist in the task? Who were the task spoiler? See Bigg Boss 10 3rd January, 79th day updates and synopsis.

Swami Om makes 5th exit from the house, again this time due to the old case, but he re-enters within next day and the task spoiler is back in the home. This week Manu and Manveer is safe and now captaincy becomes too important in these final weeks as it provides immunity. Bigg Boss linked prize monet task with captaincy and that was the real twist.


Train task (Maalgadi) to increase prize money and captaincy

Bigg Boss inroduced a train engine in garden area and Rohan and Mona was jailer and will have to paddle the train. A prize money for each contestant (prisoners here) is allotted by Rohan and Mona which is Lopa 11 lakhs, Manveer 9,99,000, Manu 7,00,200, Bani 6,00,350, Nitibha 1,00,000 and Swami Om 444 Rs. If any prisoner comes out of train on its own he or she will be a contender for captaincy but the prize amount allotted to his/her name will not be added in winning amount. There will be a buzzer intermittently and on mutual consent of Rohan and Bani one contestant will ask one prisoner to come out of train, but his/her prize money will be added in winning amount. In total contestants got the opportunity to add 34 lakhs and 444 Rs. It was a tough situation as at this stage captaincy and immunity was equally important and prize money was important too.


Who became captaincy contenders for this week

It was expected that Nitibha who was prone to get evicted will try for captaincy and may leave the train for captaincy while Lopa, Bani who are strong will stick to increase prize money. But it was strange, Bani was the first contender to leave the train and amount 6 lakhs was lost. Swami Om entered the house late and the task was explained to him. As soon as the task was explained, he ran to get out of the train to become captaincy contender. Manu Manveer tried their best to stop him, but he was unstoppable. So at present Swami Om and Bani were the captaincy contenders forfeiting 6 lakhs and 444 Rs. Bani again became a topic to discuss among housemates as all the housemates were sticking to increase prize money of the show and Bani again showed her selfishness by running for captaincy leaving the amount. At first buzzer both Mona and Rohan on mutual consent decides to take out Lopa. Amount allotted to her that is 11 lakhs is thus added to winning amount but Lopa was out of captaincy race. Now two more contestants can come out on its own to become captaincy contenders. In the next two buzzer Manveer, Nitibha and Manu left the train by consent of Rohan and Mona so there prize money were added too. Finally the total prize money went upto 43,99,999, on the other hand Swami Om and Bani became contender for next captaincy.

Swami Om threatens Bigg Boss to shut the show

Swami Om on his nomination is so much frustrated and frightened of being evicted that he straightway starts threatening Bigg Boss saying that either you make me winner or all my followers will come in the finals and I may shut down the show. Salman Khan and Bigg Boss had warned several times and Swami Om even got the last warning from Bigg Boss that if he threatens anyone, a strict action will be taken and now he dared to threat Bigg Boss. What was the action taken against Bigg Boss? Who became next captain Bani or Swami Om? Stay tuned for more updates.


Windows Certifide Technicians said...

Who cares.... may b bigg boss gonna facilitate either mannu or manvir or swami or lopa.... dey r desperate for this

Windows Certifide Technicians said...

Please salman sir.... this time... question mannu and manvir regarding der bitching.... show manvir mannus secret room clip... expose m3... which is blah blah

Windows Certifide Technicians said...

And please please.. cancel rohans nomination for entire season......

Ida Fernandez said...

love u Bani... Good u left the task. Not worth playing it. Bigg boss will anyway make Manu or manveer win the show. Mona giving up on being nominated is a great thing but Bani giving up on a task is selfish????? Removing Gaurav Chopra by Bigg boss in an unfaire manner was selfish... I stopped watching colors.

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