Bigg Boss 10 : 23rd January 99th day updates - Prize money reduces in finale week

Monday, January 23, 2017
Welcome to finale week of Bigg Boss 10. The struggle to get the fourth spot starts between Bani J and Rohan Mehra. While the prize money reduced in the finale week. Why the prize money got reduced ? What were the sequence of eviction according to housemates ? Who among Rohan and Bani J is trending for fourth spot of finalist of Bigg Boss 10. See Bigg Boss 10 23rd January 99th day updates here.

Bigg Boss 10, the game reaches at its peak and each contestants look themselves as winner leaving no stone unturned to make the final impact on their fans. While Manu, Manveer and Lopa had already stepped in to grand finale, Rohan and Bani are one step behind and only one of them will join the finalists. The tension, excitement, surprises, shocks starts now.


Bigg Boss 10 : Who will be evicted first and who will be winner

The first task of finale weeks comes. All the contestants except Manu are called in one another room while Manu is in the house. The contestants are asked to order themselves according to probable eviction. The one who is likely to get evicted first at one and so on. The housemates had to leave first who is in order one to get evicted. Manu is called in secret room and is asked to guess who will leave first and if Manu guesses right 1 lakh is to be added in prize money. Thus housemates gets a chance to increase prize money. Manu on his calculations says Bani will leave first and at thee same time the chaos starts again when Lopa starts saying Bani's name as she has been a quitter in all the tasks, being selfish and Rohan nodded his head in agreement. Bani after some initial retaliation gets offended on continuous allegations. She bursts her frustration out on being underestimated and she again walks off touching their feet, yelling at them and banging the door. Now Bani joins Manu in confession room and to guess other three order of eviction to add three lakhs more. But things went worse and instead of adding three lakhs Bigg Boss reduced prize money and curtailed down to 40 lakhs.


Bigg Boss 10 : Its Rohan vs Bani for fourth finalist

Now the battle to gain the fourth finalist spot starts between Bani and Rohan as both are nominated after losing Bungee cord task. The voting lines are open for 24 hours only and there will be midweek eviction on Wednesday after which the final voting for winner of Bigg Boss 10 will start. Bani J who has been mixing with other housemates will be tested again as Gaurav Chopra is entering Bigg Boss house again as a guest. This time Gaurav is not a contestant and we will see if he offers his full support to Bani or he will be cofused between Bani and Rohan as he mentioned both to be closer to him after his eviction.


Windows Certifide Technicians said...

In my opinion bani stands at frst place

daksha verma Shetty said...

Shows how insecure Rohan and Lopamudra are! They know that Bani has good following n same has been conveyed by Manveer and Manu. Bani has been the most honest contestant and she comes out with realistic feeling. She never hated anyone. She has been misunderstood by many and continues to be. Lopamudra is jealous of her standing. She indeed hates Bani and always says that she plays the card of a victim.. However that's not how it is.. Infact Lopamudra leaves no stone unturned to ridicule her. Being humane and reacting to it is just an honest expression. Why should anyone carry hatred for a sentimental girl... Just as human as anyone.. Yes as Bani said that everyone called her names, ridiculed and so many times she has been condemned by Lopamudra. This show is not about competition. Seeing the show today shows attitude problem that Lopa has! She is indeed the most selfish lady in the house, not at all compassionate.She is fake and carry bad vibed for everyone!

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