Bigg Boss 10 : 24th January 100th day - BB ka dhaba task and Gaurav in the house

Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Six more days to go and tension is building up and the new pressure is to complete the task as the task to increase prize money once again failed. Now there is new task BB ka dhaba. What is the task? What is the twist in the task ? Who won the task and what is the most surprising thing especially for Bani today? See Bigg Boss 10 24th January 100th day updates here.

Now voting lines are open and both Rohan and Bani fans might be busy with their mobile and desktops to vote for their favorites as voting lines are open for 24 hours only and midweek eviction will happen in the midnight. Meanwhile contestants are busy for their new task, the last one for either Bani or Rohan.


Bigg Boss 10 - New task BB ka dhaba

Bigg Boss introduces new task BB ka dhaba. Manu and Bani is a team and will compete with Lopa and Rohan as another team. Both will have to make some recipe as ordered by Bigg Boss at regular interval while Manveer the strict owner of the dhaba. Bigg Boss gives a limited time to pickup the ingredients for each team for each dish. When Pasta was ordered Bani took all the pasta and Lopa was left with nothing and she refused to share. Lopa cries foul as she will be sitting ideal without ingredients. Getting no support she sabbotage gas stove and here starts a huge verbal spat. This time Rohan's frustration comes out and he blasts on Manveer when he objects Lopa. There was again loud and agressive arguments between Manveer and Rohan.
Bani and Manu makes a Chinese dish and Manveer makes them winner of the task. Finally Bani won a task in Bigg Boss 10 season. After the completion of task BB ka dhaba wasn't closed and contestants got a lavish dinner prepared by popular chef Jorawar who stepped inside the house to prepare for them.


Bigg Boss 10 : Live voting for Bani and Rohan

Once again there will live voting in Bigg Boss 10 and this time it will be to vote for your favorite contestant to same from eviction. At present Bani and Rohan are nominated and voting lines will be closed after todays episode that is 11.30 PM. In the last few minutes there will be live voting for Bani and Rohan during the show through ColorsTV app. If you are interested to participate, download ColorsIV app in your mobile. Login into it through facebook, twitter or Google plus and you can vote your favorite contestant.

Gaurav Chopra to enter Bigg Boss house

Gaurav Chopra is set to enter Bigg Boss house once again and and it is expected that he will leave taking one contestant with him. However the plan of his exit is not finalized yet. After eviction Gaurav in his interview roped for Bani and Rohan and now both are competing with each other. At this moment entry of Gaurav will be favorable for whom, that will be interesting to watch. As per latest news Bigg Boss makers backed out for Gaurav Chopra and he already tweeted and confirmed for that. Now the sources reveals that last season contestant Mandana Karimi and evicted contestant Nitibha Kaul will re enter the house and there will be a task Mela with both of them along with housemates. Will this task be the process of surprise eviction? Well stay tuned as the entire finale week is going to be full of suspense and sensation.
Latest - There is huge voting in this 24 hours and at present Bani J is slightly ahead of Rohan. Rohan fans still have time to make up as voting is alive for 4 more hours. Almost 1 crore voting has been done and difference is of 2 lakhs. Bani 51% while Rohan 49%. Situation can change any moment now.


kishor kumar said...

bani is the winner

Piyush Priyaranjan said...

lopa and rohan pathetic guy

Windows Certifide Technicians said...

Although bani hqvent win any task but..... der zz a reason behind dat..... she won task with swami but dat shit happn... n dat train waala task she did gud by getting down of tge train to be the challenger.... in orbit wala task mannu pushed her.... in dz. Buzzer waala task how cud she withstand that water preaaure..... and horse waala task... how can she cross limits morals n ethics n compete with jagga....and one more she gave hr 100% in taxi waala task but nobudy z willing to travel in her taxi.... and i remember dat hostel waala task if dat task radd ni hota bani j qill b the ultimate winner..... i remember raja aur rank she gave hr 100% and convinced nitibha for joker wala makeup


please vote for bani j.

shashi rana said...

Lopa is fake. Sab dikh jata hai. Public sab janti hai. Ek din bikini pahan ke aayi and ladko ko lallu bana gayi..

Dr. S. Choudhary said...

@ Window Certificate Technicians
Please open your eyes. dont be a blind fan. She was winning the task with Swami Om just because entire house supported her, she was not winning on her own. In train task she showed how selfish she is by getting down. In orbit task it was fair to spill water of other contestant and Manu did the same and this shows how dumb she is. In bungee cord task she gave up just by force of water, what is the use of that muscles and all. She is mentally weak, it was a mental game. In taxi task nobody wanted to travel because of her self centered nature. And even if she was losing how can she quit. Give up queen. Hostel task bhi nahi jeetati, as because Jagga was showing her friendship because in this world only she have mother and this Bani J dont care about others so for her Jagga was right.
I must tell Bani J is the most irritating, wicked, dumb, loud, abusive and add many more adjectives contestants in Bigg Boss ever.

Asha Raut said...

Rohan and lopa most disgusting. just vote for only Bani J

Unknown said...

Now lopa real face is shown... she is cheap n low class with two faces... plz get out lopa... #bani. Ur best

Unknown said...

Bani is best.plz vote for her

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