Bigg Boss Halla Bol live updates : 3rd week 19th to 25th January nominations, tasks, surprises, eviction

Sunday, January 18, 2015
Just two weeks left and at present 8 contestants are in the field. This week we can see full of surprises, twists and even midweek eviction. Here live updates of each day, tasks, surprises and eviction all will be detailed.

Since already Mehek is nominated from champions side and most of the champions are in the side of challengers this week, nomination, eviction and tasks will be fun to watch. There is also be a tough competition in giving content in the show in the final few days.


24th and 25th January episode of Bigg Boss Halla Bol live updates : Weekend ka Halla Bol, 3rd week surprise eviction

Whom Farah supported in Dimpy-Sambhavna case. How Ali was questioned for provoking with below the belt comments and how Gautam was questioned and how he defended for losing his temper. Finally who all were safe and reached final week and who just missed it by being evicted. All details of weekend ka Halla Bol is at Weekend Ka Halla Bol - 3rd week.

23rd January episode of Bigg Boss Halla Bol live updates : Task for maha tabadla and maha sangram in the house

Gautam is alone and still deeply hurt for not getting any support from his so called friends. In order to prove his point he just provoked a bit to Pritam by taking her wife's name. He took the name simply and Pritam was in fire, Gautam had another round of argument with Ali and Pritam, this time housemates were in support of Gautam, especially UPMA. Both tried to convince Pritam what Gautam expects from his friends.
Later the task of 25 lakhs continues as it is a team game not individuals. Initially champions refused the task mentioning that it was already hard earned prize from 1st task. Challengers got an option of Maha tabadla that is all challengers to champions and all champions to challengers after winning the task of moving electrical rod on a maze without touching it. Once the rod touched a blast of mud will take place and that will be the reaching point of contestant. From challenger's side they selected Gautam and from opponent side they opted Sambhavna who agreed after initial no no. Gautam started and the blast took place when he was about to finish. Then came Sambhavana who was doing too well but Dimpy started saying something to distract her and she lost. Sambhavna lost her cool and then it started Maha sangram, both the ladies crossed all the level of foul words and abuses and would have even hit each other if housemates wouldn't have intervened.
Later Maha tabadla occurred by changing mics. Karishma changing with Pritam and most interesting was Gautam changing with Ali and Dimpy in a very sarcastic manner changing with Sambhavna. Now what is this tabadla for? What benefits they all are getting? What is the hidden twist in the game? Stay tuned for details.


22nd January episode of Bigg Boss Halla Bol live updates : Nomination again, whom to save for finals

The midweek eviction was quiet surprising this time. Mehek, Karishma, Dimpy and Pritam all the four are very strong contestant. Details of eviction process and who was finally evicted is detailed at Most surprising mid week eviction..

After eviction again the nomination process starts and this time it is secret nomination in confession room but to save rather than to nominate for eviction. Pritam who is safe and also made new captain of the house for winning the task was called first and he saved Gautam, Sambhavna saved Karishma, Rahul saved Dimpy, Dimpy saved Rahul, and surprisingly Ali too saved Gautam only while Gautam surprsingly saved Karishma. Karishma got the reward to directly nominate and she nominated Ali. Finally the contestants who were for eviction for the weekend are Ali, Dimpy, Rahul and Sambhavna.
Ali after saving Gautam tries to rebuild his image but Gautam tries to avoid him. Upen too tries to make the atmosphere healthy but Gautam was deeply hurt for indecent comments even though it was declared as false. Gautam again becomes alone though Sambhavna sometimes give him company, else everyone tries to be nice but back bitching continues. Later allowed the contestant to purchase any thing for other housemates. Karishma purchased a T shirt for Upen, Upen a ring for Karishma, Dimpy a bunch of flower for Rahul and Rahul a saree for Dimpy. Now how eviction affected and who was affected most? Is this the final nomination of the season or we will see another nomination on Monday and midweek eviction again?. What is the twist this time in eviction? Stay tuned to know details.

21st January episode of Bigg Boss Halla Bol live updates : Biggest task concludes and most surprising eviction

This can be considered as most dramatic day of Bigg Boss season 8. The biggest task of half the winning amount continues. Sambhavna is the first one to give up leaving 2 challengers Dimpy, Gautam and one champion Pritam. Other three were giving a tough contest to each other when Bigg Boss came with another offer. A briefcase was kept in confession room and contestant giving up the task within half an hour will be getting the briefcase and the surprise content in it. Dimpy grabbed the offer and was pleasantly surprised to get the surprise. Pritam and Gautam was on in the task patiently inspite of getting provocation from champions especially Ali.
Gautam has always been a bone in the neck for Ali and to some extent almost all housemates after he was declared as number one in the finals before starting Halla Bol and Ali especially always tried to spoil his image by making indecent remarks. Again Gautam was hit by Ali below the belt as he started calling him manhus and telling that whoever loves Gautam gets ill and he was all telling in a serious note, this time it was too much to melt the ice, he was badly hurt by personal comments and left the game making Pritam winner. Gautam broke up badly and was deeply hurt seeing that no one came for his support. Later Mehek, Sambhavna, Rahul all came to console him but he was completely shattered.
Who finally got evicted? Stay tuned as everything will be updated live.

20th January episode of Bigg Boss Halla Bol live updates : Game for 25 lakhs begins

Inspite of Upen's effort differences between Karishma and Dimpy persists. Karishma-Upen relationship is still the hot topic in the house and is being interpreted in own way. Day starts with happy birthday message to Pritam by RJ Mallaiska, he also got message from his wife Aman. Mallaiska talked with every housemates and questioned UPMA about reality of their relationship after telling several times about her boyfriend.
Then comes a major task torture cage in which each housemates will have to be in cage pressing button of their names. The twist of the task is that if the winner is from challenger, whole team will be considered as winner but will get prize only if final winner is from challenger but if final winner is from champion prize money will go to one amongst them getting maximum votes in the finals. The winner of the task will aslo get the immunity n next nomination and will directly go to finals. Upen was asked to conduct the game. Rahul gave up soon followed by Ali and Mehek. Rest 5 including Gautam, Pritam, Karishma, Dimpy and Sambhavna were patiently in their task, a letter was sent through Rahul by Bigg Boss giving a chance to contestants still in the game, that within half an hour if any one gives up will get a chance to nominate any one directly in next nomination. Karishma took the letter and read and asked to give up while Dimpy objected saying that she asked to give up first, but Upen's decision was obvious and this led to another tiff and Dimpy blamed him to be partial and biased. Finally what was the fate of the game. Since the voting is only for 24 hours who will be evicted on Wednesday. How many days Upen will be there. Stay tuned for all answers.

19th January episode of Bigg Boss Halla Bol live updates : Nomination special

Karishma is upset as she thinks her image has been somewhere portrayed in wrong way. adding to it she and Rahul are tied with each other due to the punishment given by Farah. Many times both opened but Ali was alert every time. Now her relation with Upen is thing in different angle. Almost every housemates discuss about this and feels that Karishma is using Upen for game. However they continues to maintain the same relation.
Now comes the nomination each housemate has to nominate 2 contestants by throwing dart on the photograph. This time there is no demarcation of champions and challengers. Gautam nominates Karishma and Dimpy, Karishma nominates Gautam and Dimpy, Rahul nominates Karishma and Pritam, Sambhavna nominates Pritam and Karishma, Dimpy nominates Pritam and Karishma, Mehak nominates Karishma and Sambhavna, Pritam nominates Dimpy and Karishma and Ali nominates Rahul and Dimpy. The final nominations are Mehek by big bomb, Karishma with maximum 6 votes, Dimpy with 4 votes and Pritam with 3 votes. Post nomination few relations again soured. How Karishma and Dimpy focused on exposing each other. Stay tuned for more updates.


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