Bigg Boss 8 live updates of 10th week from 24th to 30th November : Nomination, tasks, incidences and eviction

Sunday, November 23, 2014
Finally 11 housemates are there including 6 males and 5 females. See how 10th week goes on under captaincy of Puneetji. Here you will get live updates of each day from 24th November nomination to tasks to judgment day on 27th, selection of new captain on 28th and eviction on 29th and 20th November.

This week is the acid test for seniormost member Puneetji as he is the captain. It will be worth to see if he makes P3G intact and more stronger of fail to maintain the unity. How the task is done and how the environment of house is maintained.


29th and 30th November 2014 Bigg Boss 8 episode : Weekend ka vaar and eviction special

Ali again tries to escape from the house and this time he even jumped outside the wall, he was left cornered and felt aloof and ill while Upen was continuously provoking him to exit being sweet. It worked and Ali attempted the same. Was is another strategy? This was a special though not unusual week, as for the first time any girl tightly slapped a contestant, now who will be under scrutiny in Salman's class, Sonali, Ali or both? How Karishma again faced sarcastic comments from Salman for her aggression against Gautam for making her out for captaincy when she did same when Gautam and Upen were contenders? How will Renee explain her non participation in the apps task and finally will Karishma feel humiliated for making the luxury budget zero for the sake of her make up? Who all are safe and finally who is evicted? See all details of weekend ka vaar at 9th weeks Weekend ka vaar live updates in Bigg Boss 8

28th November 2014, 68th day episode in Bigg Boss 8 : New captain, Gautam's birthday celebration and return of Ali

Well doesnt matter if Ali was acting or really ill, but he was kept in isolation to get time to cool himself. He was convinced by Bigg Boss. He returns to the house and now comes punishment for Sonali. The punishment was unique, though not unusual for her. Bigg Boss announced that Sonali will be nominated till the show ends (in either case she used to get nominated every week).
Now comes the the selection of new captain. This week only those contestants were allowed who were never been the captain in the house that is Karishma, Pritam, Praneet, Dimpy, Renee and Sonali. A glass of liquid was kept under the photo of each contender and those who were once the captain were asked to empty the bottle of any one contender whom they dont want to make captain. Puneet intelligently emptied Pritam's glass as he is already immune from nomination next week. Gautam empties Karishma's glass making her out of the contest, similarly Diandra empties praneet's bottle leaving the three girls for option. Upen empties Dimpy's bottle and finally Ali open Sonali's bottle making Renee captain of the house.
Finally not to miss the house was celebrating for one thing and it was nothing but the birthday of hero of the house Gautam. Diandra came more close to Gautam and couldn't resist and took her in wash room where no camera is present and were locked for a minute. Any guesses why she took him there, well no awards for the guess as it is quiet obvious that both smooched each other locking their tongue, well that's an open secret.


27th November 2014, 67th day episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Again Ali vs all housemates on Judgement day

Ali meets his girlfriend Gauri, who during her date mentioned some incidences of the house. Entire house is making positive and negative remarks of last task on Renee as well as Karishma.On the judgement day Puneet mentioned about Ali who made some remarks adding spices against housemates specially Sonali and after protesting, Puneet after hearing this started exposing his bad intentions and comments made on the day when Lisa Hayden came. Sonali was so furious that he just slapped him, an incidence which was never allowed in Bigg Boss. This time even after slapping housemates were with Sonali but Ali was in extreme anger being slapped at National television. He started banging at the doors and wanted to exit. He even jumped on the walls just like Kushal did last season. Everyone ignored his anger and appealed to Bigg Boss against him.
On positive not Puneet was asked to select three contestants whom he want to provide immunity for next nomination and he selected Pritam, Gautam and Upen, Upen as he won heart by doing the task of battery for the sake of housemates. All the three were given a liquid filled bowl to rest it on their hand and balance it, one who will balance it till last will get the immunity. It was tough, really tough fight and it was very close. Gautam, Upen had muscular physique and were more fit than Pritam, but the result was a surprise and Pritam won the task.

26th November 2014 episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Bigg Boss app task continues making some happy moments

At first instance Renee refuges to charge the battery, still it was enough for Pritam, the next one to go in App house and obviously he also selected to meet his wife Amanjyoti and his cute little son. Though there were a glass partition and they could only see each other and talk through head phones. Battery was charged again, this time by coloring hair and only Upen did. Ali too got the opportunity to use the app and he meets his girlfriend who was the major issue of discussion in last weekend ka vaar, but when karishma's turn came battery was 22% charged and the option to meet her mother was 32%. This time there was a twist, it was shown live to other housemates and only Renee was given the option to recharge. Renee was totally in fuss and unable to decide, entire housemates were trying to convince her, but she was adamant. Karishma was crying like anything and everyone were in tears with her, but she was too stubborn. Finally she decided not to color her hair and recharge the battery. Later Karishma selected her makeup making the battery at zero level and ending the game without luxury budget. At one time whole housemates were for Karishma and on next moment she too showed her selfishness.

25th November 2014 episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Family, Gossip, beauty and stardom by Bigg Boss new App

Before narrating the serious incidences, here are the lighter moments which happened. Upen is still unable to digest his nomination and fell ill. Renee after nomination unnecessarily invites a fight with the entertaining Pritam who is absolutely harmless. Ali is again running here and there but getting no place. Now comes the special task. Bigg Boss through an special apps offer contestants few things which include a message from very near and dear one, to know who had bitched against him/her to have a clear view about the friendship. Renee and Upen were made batteries and can charge themselves only if they wishes. Sonali at first strtch consumed 42% opting two options. Bigg Boss even offered Praneet to have a chat with his girlfriend Kanchan but battery was not enough. Dimpy heard gossip against her and is now careful with Upen and Diandra. Diandra got her makeup and hair colors. Later to recharge Upen and Renee had to get the mini batteries from a tub filled with cowdung. Upen did but Renee refuged. He collected 61 batteries making total 72% charge, then came Gautam and he got the option to meet her mother. It was very emotional scene. Praneet was in shock and everyone was blaming Sonali for that as she was the culprit from consumption of batteries making Praneet unable to date with Kanchan. The task continues...

24th November 2014 episode in Bigg Boss 8 : See who are nominated

Karishma again have a tiff with Ali, he is now being trapped at every step due to his bitching nature. Upen is upset and still in the shock as he is nominated for the first time. Puneet charges Praneet for pretending to be goody goody with everyone inspite of bitching against housemates. Praneet silently still playing against Gautam. Now it seems P3G is for namesake and its all due to Praneet. Dimpy and Renee is still acting same and Sonali is in carefree attitude though her relation with Upen is not as good as it was earlier.
The equation of the house has been changed and Gautam is no more the target, out of 11 contestants the nost vulnerable for nominations as expected are Ali, Karishma and Sonali. Upen is already nominated for the first time as Big Bomb used by Nigar. Again there is a twist in nomination process. Each housemate is asked to save one contestant. Gautam saves surprisingly Pritam, Sonali saves Praneet, Praneet saves Dimpy, Diandra saves Karishma, Karishma saves Diandra, Ali saves Diandra, Pritam saves Praneet, Renee saves Pritam, Dimpy saves Gautam, Upen saves Karishma. Thus by getting zero votes Sonali, Ali and Renee. Puneet using his special power to nominate one and it was a great surprise to see whom he nominated. yes it was Praneet. Things changed from that point and Praneet started himself keeping away from P3G. Finally the contestants nominated this week are Upen, Praneet, Ali, Sonali and Renee.


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