Bigg Boss 8 eviction special and weekend ka war live updates

Friday, October 31, 2014
Here you can see the eviction details and weekend ka vaar of Bigg Boss Halla Bol by teacher Farah Khan taking class of contestants.

Eviction episode of Bigg Boss has been always special as one of the contestants has to leave the house and Salman Khan talks with the housemates through "Me TV" and analyze the entire incidence of the week. Here you will get the weekend ka war eviction special episodes live updates.

Till date Sonali (1st week) who later got re entry, Sukirti (2nd week), Deepsikha (3rd week), Natasha (4th week) and Soni (5th week), Minisha (6th week), Sushant (7th week), Arya (8th week), Nigar (9th week), Renee (10th week), Diandra (12th week), Praneet (13th week), Upen (15th mid week) and Sonali and Puneet in 15th week (final ka twist) has been evicted.


Voting status of five finalists

A survey is carried out and may be considered as prediction poll. The voting status if not scripted is expected to vary from +5 to -5%. Present status is Gautam way ahead with 83% followed by Karishma with 9%, then Pritam with 4%, then Dimpy with 2.5% and 5th is Ali with 1.5%. The voting status will be updated as regular interval, Gautam continues to get more than 80% votes and in last 24 hours he got 80.40%, Karishma 8.02%, Pritam 7.06%, Ali 2.33% and Dimpy 2.19% votes. And the final voting status is no 5 Dimpy with 1.4%, no. 4 Ali with 1.7%, no. 3 Karishma with 10.8 %, no. 2 Pritam with 11.7% and Gautam alone got 74.4%. Thus Gautam won the show with a record votes, Karishma was runners up instead of Pritam as Pritam quits taking 25 lakhs just before the result was announced.

Final eviction before grand finale

Yes after the exit of Upen 6 contestants left and as already updated in the weekly update all the 6 contestants are nominated getting 2 votes each. This is the last eviction before finale and except one all other 5 will reach the final which is to be held on Saturday 31st January. In mid week eviction the last challenger Sambhavna and two champions Ali and Dimpy are on danger. as mentioned the eviction process was held in midnight, 6 bikers came inside the house and each contestants were asked to wear safety gadgets and sit with the each of the biker, the bikers started roaming round inside the activity areas and suddenly one biker No 10 breaking the wall crossed along with the contestant. And the contestant sitting on the bike was none other than Sambhavna. Now all the 5 challengers entered in Halla Bol are out and all the fabulous 5 are in finals.


24th and 25th January : Third week and first eviction in Bigg Boss Halla Bol weekend

After the sensational week the teacher Farah appeared and Dimpy was in the punishment box. She was questioned about her expectation from Sambhavna when she herself did not saved her. The incidence occurred very next day was also discussed and an issue was raised that when Gautam was provoked everyone felt right for tas, then why Dimpy was wrong when she did same thing. Gautam too was in witness box and Farah asked why he lost patience, he admit that he got confused thinking that no one is with him. Ali was again exposed for his comments for Karishma as well as going to very low level in provoking Gautam. Later each housemates were given a sheet to write one name whom they dont think appropriate to be winner.
As far as eviction is concerned as per latest news Sanbhavna and Dimpy are safe, now it is upon Ali and Rahul. Stay tuned for more updates and to know whether God had punished Ali for his act as Gautam said.

Sunday episode is full of fun, each contestant got a get up and had to be in that character. Rahul became Gabbar, Upen Shahrukh, Karishma Mumjaz, Dimpy Madhuri, Pritam Mithunda, Sambhavna Hema, Ali Mogambo and finally Gautam Chulbul Pandey Salman. Rahul and Gautam was show stealer while Ali continued his irritating comedy. Mallika Sherawat was the guest and boys in the house was given the task to attract her and Gautam was the one who did. Farah asked few questioned to housemates which was actually a question of inmates like will Ali and Karishma continue as bro and sis relation, will Karishma marry Upen and many more and the answer was really surprising.
Finally the moment came for eviction and as said earlier Dimpy is safe leaving Rahul and Ali, now will this time the original champion will go for the first time in Halla Bol or the trend of challengers eviction will continue. Farah entered the house when they were asked to make a queue as per ranking, Gautam 1st, Pritam 2nd, Karishma 3rd, Ali was ranked 4th. Finally Farah took Rahul out and again a challenger went out.
For live updates of final week and description of each activities and grand finale will be updated at Bigg Boss Hall Bol Final week live updates.

Mid week eviction in Bigg Boss Halla Bol

Mehek was nominated by Sana while housemates nominated Karishma, Dimpy and Pritam. Voting lines were open for 24 hours only thus at 10.00 PM on 20th Jan it is closed. As per latest report Pritam is getting maximum votes followed surprisingly by Dimpy, For eviction the main fight is between Mehek and Karishma. Initially the audience choice was Karishma and the actual voting pattern was too close but finally it was again Karishma who got the edge and Mehek is evicted.
Gautam again lost hs lone friend in the house but everyone tried to extend their hand to him that reflected even during nomination process as he is safe and in final week along with Pritam. Another eviction will be on weekend ka halla bol and again it is expected a nomination on Monday and mid week eviction and in finals there will be five contestants.

17th and 18th January : Second week and first eviction in Bigg Boss Halla Bol weekend

Weekend special started with Ali-Gautam smooch issue and it went in fun mood. Karishma's relaationship with Upen was another topic and it was clearly asked if it was for game. Then came the most sensitive issue of the week. Karishma-Rahul episode. Baring Pritam, Ali and Upen almost all housemates agreed to this that Karishma went too far to explode her personal grudge rather than sticking to the game. Karishma was also blamed to be a changed person after entry of Upen. Karishma and Upen both tried their best to defend.
As far as eviction is concerned all the three challengers Sambhavna, Sana and Rahul had a good chance to get evicted, but it was Sana who got maximum votes by housemates as most week nominated contestant. Rahul is however safe and now among Sambhavna and Sana it was Sana this time whose short journey ended in second week only.
On Sunday Mahesh Bhatt enters the house and gives some situation to housemates to act. In one case Upen and Karishma joins a party and are love birds while Karishma's husband Rahul comes here searching her. Ali and Gurmeet to comes as guest for promotion of movie Khamoshiyan. Finally as already mentioned Sana is evicted and nominates Mehek as bigg bomb. For live updates of each day, each moment of 3rd week see Bigg Boss Halla Bol 3rd week live updates.

>10th and 11th January : Teacher Farah's first class in Bigg Boss Halla Bol weekend

Farah for the first time appeared in weekend ka halla bol to scrutinize the incidences occurred during the week. One thing which irritated Ali throughout the week that he acted to evict Ajaz was again repeated by Farah and Ali tried to explain his point, most of the housemates said that Ali was hurt but made mountain of a mole. Ali was also asked why he was unable to bear poking when he himself poke every time. Sambhavna and Dimpy issue was also discussed and Sambhavna was asked why she have a negative feeling for Dimpy. Rahul was teased for trying for Karishma in front of Dimpy. Karishma straightly refused for any such thing. Since there was no voting so eviction will nt be there but then housemates dont know that, so is there any twist? The twist is re entry of an ex contestant, since the negotiation with Imam was not fruitful, it will be Upen Patel who will be given another chance to re enter with so much girls inside.

First eviction of Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol

Weekend ka vaar is far away but it has been really Halla Bol in the house. Ajaz has been irritating for housemates right from the day he entered due to his self centered attitude which turned aggressive when Ali came forward to give him back, nomination by all 5 champions was also in his mind. In making remarks to each other Ajaz suddenly became violent and hit Ali making him severely injured. Bigg Boss made no second thought and disqualified him from the show with very discouraging words and closed voting lines for the week. Now what Farah will have to tell for this episode and rest of the week, we will see in weekend special. Meanwhile negotiation is on with Imam and the end result was not fruitful. Ajaz will be back again, as all the contestants who were out for physical violence got another chance, be it Kamal Khan, Pooja Mishra, Kushal Tondon or Puneet Issar. But Ajaz's entry will be as a guest like Kamal Khan and Puja Mishra or as contestant like Kushal and Puneet is not finalized yet.

3rd and 4th January 2015 : Bigg Boss 8 final ka twist and starting of Halla Bol

  • The grand finale will be hosted by Salman Khan of season 8 of Bigg Boss. Out of 7 contestants 2 will be evicted permanently while top 5 will be labelled as champions and will continue the extended version that is Bigg Boss Halla Bol in which 5 challengers Ajaz Khan, Sambhavna Seth, Rahul Mahajan, Mehek Chehel and Sana Khan will be there. In each week one challenger and one champion will be evicted and the grand finale of Bigg Boss Halla Bol will be on 31st January 2015.

  • The details will be updated later as it will be live but as per latest prediction and rumor, it is almost confirms that Sonali will be one out of 2 evicted contestant, the four top contestants at present are Gautam, Ali, Karishma and Dimpy. Unfortunately the second evicted contestant will be either Puneet or Pritam.

  • Live telecast and live online of Bigg Boss 8 grand finale with every details will be at Bigg Boss 8 grand finale live telecast, online streaming and winner

  • Eviction details and crowing of champions : Arjun Rampal and Jacquline enters the house to bring out 7th contestnt who will be the first to get evicted and guess the first one evicted is Sonali. Salman hmself enters the house to take out second evicted contestant and it was Puneet. Other rankings were as follows At 7th position - Sonali, 6th - Puneet, 5th - Ali, 4th - Dimpy, 3rd - Karishma, 2nd - Pritam, 1st - Gautam

    Sunday episode is the first day of halla bol, challengers enter in their own style and Rahul starts talking the lead by his flirting in front of Dimpy, Dimpy becomes speechless seeing him. Sambhavna starts being close to Gautam trying to take place of Puneet. Farah Khan hosts the show, champions especially Ali feels the absence of Salman. Champions tries to bond themselves to face challenges. Karishma's insecurity is clearly visible and Ali tries a bit hard to change his ranking and to give more content. Farah appears as a school teacher and ask challengers to categorize champions on three basis target, threat and zero. Gautam was categorized as biggest threat by 4 of them while Ali was categorized as zero by 4 of them including Ajaz, so called his good friend. Mehek like boys gang tries to make the girls gang but how much it will be successful, time will say, however she is now a target in the house and may be in the first week of nomination. Farah describes each contestant and gave a nick name GULLU to the hero Gautam for rest of the season. She also described challengers as per their nature. Now for live updates of 1st week of Halla Bol can be seen here, Bigg Boss Halla Bol live updates 5th to 12th January : 1st week

    1st January 2015 mid week surprise eviction in Bigg Boss 8

    As mentioned previously there was an expected mid week eviction and was updated that it will occur at midnight of 31st December. Now let us see who spend their new year with families and friends out side Bigg Boss house. Karishma met her mother and Ali met her girlfriend Gouri previously. Karishma, Sonali, Ali, Pritam, Dimpy and Upen are the nominated contestants and are called near exit door. 6 coffins are placed for each of them. Each one have to lie in the coffin and the housemate who will be evicted wil be taken outside within the coffin. All coffins were carried but whose coffin were taken outside the house no one even the evicted contestant knew till the coffin was opened. Ali and Pritam got good amount of votes and then it was Dimpy. The onus was on Karishma, Sonali and Upen. The expectation was that Sonali will get evicted but surprisingly she is also safe. Now among the two close friends Karishma and Upen who will be left alone in house and who will get evicted. Well stay tuned for further update. Though the hint is already there in the page so keep guessing who is evicted till the fact is revealed. Yes the hint was that Karishma already met her mother just a day back and Upen would be pleased to be with family in new year. So finally Upen is out.

    27th and 28th December 2014, 14th week eviction special and weekend ka vaar episode of 97th and 98th episode in Bigg Boss 8 live updates

    No vaar this week, there will be only fun. The team of Comedy nights with Kapil will be joining Bigg Boss and the entire house will celebrate Chrismas. It is also expected that Bigg Boss will become Santa Claus and will provide surprise gifts to housemates. And guess the gift may include no eviction in this week. Thus in further 4 weeks there will be more drama, more action with several new entries and the remaining contestants. However a mid week eviction has been planned for same nominations and it will be on Wednesday that is 31st December and it is either Upen or Sonali, now out of them who will celebrate new year outside the house and who will celebrate in the house will be updated soon.

    Saturday there is no weekend ka vaar as Salman did not came for his birthday, the weekend ka vaar started on Sunday. Upen and Karishma was again the target, Upen was questioned why he reacted when Sonali gave him tap water when he did same with Ali by giving Kayam churna in protein shake. Karishma was continuously defending him. Ali was first safe contestant, later Pritam and Dimpy were also declared safe. For Monday weekend ka vaar and live updates of final week till selection of new champions live updates will continue at Bigg Boss 8 live updates 15th week 29th December to 3rd January 2015 : Nominations and selection of 5 champions. From 4th January new format will start Bigg Boss halla bol with 5 ex contestants in the house which was already updated earlier. See details about the format at Bigg Boss 8 halla bol format, champions, challengers, news, live updates.

    20th and 21st December 2014, 13th week eviction special and weekend ka vaar episode of 90th and 91st episode in Bigg Boss 8 live updates

    The show is going to be extended by a month. If the extension is materialized we may see some ex contestants like Imam Siddique, Dolly Bindra, Rahul Mahajan, Sambhavna Seth and Ajaz Khan as a guest to revive the show from falling TRP. For more details see Bigg Boss 8 extended by a month with new host and new twists

    Now comes 20th Dec weekend ka vaar and this time the vaar is from all the sides. Salman was in support of Dimpy as she was just provoking as a part of task. Salman also took class of Pritam for using such filthy words to Pritam for which she felt sorry again. Surprising or better to say obviously Ali was again praised for providing entertainment. A psychiatrist was also called to give his analysis, while he seemed all praise for Gautam, he also had some negative points about Upen. He informed that Gautam is very down to earth, flamboyant and childish in nature. He doesn't think that he is bigger than anybody. For Upen, the psychiatrist said that he is short tempered in nature and is insecure inside the house as all his friends have been evicted. Snapdeal winner ordered soap for Pritam and exposed him clearly.
    As far as eviction is concerned, this week it is most surprising Praneet is rumored at wiki but no confirmation received, thus he is enter 15th week or not is still doubtful. Karishma, Sonali and Upen all are equally vulnerable. Upen was kept on danger asan. And yes it was Praneet who had to leave the house. Thus one gone in P3G and P2G left now.
    In 21st Dec episode many journalists will join and is going to ask questions from housemates opening each layer and each incidences occurring in the house. Almost everyone had faced most tough questions and embarrassing moments. Puneet and Karishma tussles, Gautam-Diandra issues and Sonali slapping Ali was main topics from which journalists questioned them leaving the housemates aback without proper justifications. Ali double dholki nature and Dimpy the provoking girl were also scrutinized, Gautam didnt argued much and graciously heard them but Karishma tried hard to prove herself right. Journalists did the same what Salman used to do especially with Karishma and Pritam. It looked like it was pre plan to trap Gautam and to ruin his image, even when the psychiatrist said Gautam is real it was edited. So Gautam supporters pull up your socks in favor of him.
    Praneet met housemates with Salman through Me TV and as Big Bomb he had to handover his captaincy and he rightly selected Sonali. Shilpa Saklani was the panel guest with few advices to all. Again Dimpy who was proved right is feeling cornered and have a company of Upen and Karishma but is it only for the time being. Let us see. Salman hinted the entry of a dangerous female, hope the production channel managed to convince Dolly Bindra.
    New entry can materialize in coming week and the game is going to be more stressed. In this situation a family is entering Bigg Boss house in coming week, yes the family of Bittu Sharma, hope there will be full dhamal. Live updates of each day will be available on day to day basis at 14th week Bigg Boss 8 live updates : December 22nd to 28th nomination to eviction. Each day now will bring new excitements so dont miss.

    Dimpy is facing a tough time in her captaincy as the housemates especially the bedroom gang including Pritam is making her life hell. Karishma continues her taunt along with Upen forgetting their own days when they were clear cut partial which will be exposed in this weekend ka vaar. Diandra is upset and it is predicted that Gautam is the reason, but the real reason is DJ Whosane with whom she was almost 12 years almost like a couple and later had a break up which haunted Diandra so much that she was almost in hibernation for 2 years and then came a changed Diandra. This DJ got married last week and the news was given to her by Kashmira. Last week it was GK and this week maths, Puneet's team score was less than Pritam's team but Puneet was winner. Karishma was the hottest topic for Salman today and her captaincy was on scanner. Her partiality which was quiet obvious was questioned and scrutinized, especially for giving 95 to Upen and only 60 to Ali and Puneet. She was also named some celebrities and asked if she know them or not, this was done as Karishma did not approved many celebrities name mentioning that they are not famous. Ali's task was appreciated and so was Dimpy. Bigg Boss party was discussed in which Karishma was too harsh and even tried to stop Dimpy from dancing as she was waiter. Upen was also under some scrutiny in the same style Salman made Upen embarrassed due to his own partial thoughts and efforts. Karishma was almost in tears when her captaincy was again and again judged not only by Salman but even by housemates whome she believed will speak in her favor. Most interesting was when Nutella issue was discussed, he had in his hand and asked Karishma if she wants. Upen, Pritam was proved wrong when they suggested her not to take it from Gautam.
    As far as eviction is concerned Pritam, Gautam, Puneet, Dimpy and Ali are safe and onus still lies on Diandra, Sonali, Praneet and Upen as per latest news.
    Now comes the Sunday episode, the environment of the house is not cool after such a class taken by Salman, both Upen and Karishma are upset. 5 contestants are still on the verge of eviction and Salman already hinted for double eviction. In this tense environment Sonam enters the house and some fun moment starts. She came to promote the movie "Dolly Ki Doli" and in the house she puts shehra on the hero none other than Gautam. Arbaz also came but he was with Salman outside the house. In a task the wheel is there with an arrow and all contestants name are there, the contestant whose name is indicated by arrow when the wheel stops give some advice to other contestant. Diandra had to give advice to Gautam, Sonali to Upen, Puneet to Pritam and Dimpy to Praneet. Puneet advices Pritam not to get influenced by one who is herself brainless clearly indicating Karishma. In another task using the prop housemates had to use a muhawara for other housemates, Dimpy used cactus and called Karishma Raaste Ka kanta, Ali called Praneet thali ka baigan and Puneet took cervical collar and called Karishma pain in neck. Karishma feels lonely and insecure as her so called friends are on the verge of eviction. 4 contestants are using luxury budget but there will be a change in these 4 names. Salman continues and this time gives red and green placard to housemates, green for agree and red for disagree and asks certain questions, he continues to pass funny remarks on Pritam about Karishma, Karishma starts crying, Upen intervenes but Salman asked him to keep his mouth shut and not to give dumb suggestions. Karishma later apologized telling that she was upset since morning but Salman in anger leave the set but again come back when the situation normalizes.
    As far as eviction is concerned, double eviction is indicated by Salmam, so out of 5 I mean 4 as Pritam is also safe, 2 may have to leave. Praneet, Sonali, Diandra and Upen. Well there is already a hint given in this post only guess if you are intelligent enough. Well the guessing time is over now, it is Diandra who got evicted and she has to include one in her place for luxury budget. But is that enough or something more is there in today's episode. Since the shooting environment was very tense especially due to Upen and Karishma, second eviction was not made as it might have indicated purposely eviction of Upen. Now in this two week 4 evictions will be made.
    Coming week will be more dramatic as Karishma is in full form and its Dimpy's captaincy. Live updates of each day will be available on day to day basis at 13th week Bigg Boss 8 live updates : December 15th to 21st nomination to eviction. Each day now will bring new excitements so dont miss.

    Salman started the show by teasing Karishma for her captaincy for she she was waiting every week and asked to thank Gautam. Pritam's captaincy was the main issue which was discussed and he was at the hot seat. Starting from ill behavior with Puneet, Dimpy to partiality in task and all the decision was discussed. Surprisingly his captaincy was praised by Salman for taking his own stand. But the decision he took for immunity was proved wrong and Pritam's all explanation went in vain when all housemates differed from his view. Though not aggressively but intelligently Salman made him realize his drawback and mistakes. Ali's creativity was praised for making AUKD rap song. It seems Salman is giving his full effort in making Ali, a hero. Snapdeal customer ordered a calculator for Pritam to calculate how many times he has been influenced by Karishma and Upen, he wanted to show Pritam's real face but here too Salman interfered. It looked that Salman was well prepared to defend Pritam. Is it due to his closeness to Ali.Here is the complete incidence of snapdeal caller. "i gave calculator to pritam and then I said to pritam ki usne influence ke naam pe puneet ko nominate kiya iss hisaab se usse karishma ,Praneet aur upen ko bhi nominate karna par Pritam ne kaha ki usse influence nhi kiya gaya tha...usne sirf suggestion liya...then i said ki aap captain nhi banne waale the fir apko upen ne kaha ki aap fair play karo..iss hisaab se usne aapko influence kiya..fir i said ki influence hona matlab apni soch kisi dusre ke kehne pe badalna...fir i also gave example of karishma and praneet ki they also influenced u...ispe salmaan beech mein aa gaye..and he started saying about POSITIVE INFLUENCE AND NEGATIVE INFLUENCE...HE GAVE NEGATIVE FOR PUNEET AND POSITIVE FOR UPEN KARISHMA AND PRANEET...ab yaar main ji sir ji sir karta raha...i thought ki mere muh se disrespectful nikal aap pritam ki side kyu le rahe ho and usse uska answer ka jawab dene do...i was myself nervous talking to huge celebrity like this...then salmaan asked ki aap mere se hi influence ho rahe ho...then i said ki aap confuse kar rahe ho sir...den he said ki main aapko kaha confuse kar raha hu...ab aap ye batao ki influence huye ki nhi...mere muh se nikal gaya ki nhi huye fir huye...they laughed and made me felt little awkward...bas fir hello hello karte huye they cut my call."
    Though no voting was done but contestants are unaware of that but Salman revealed the fact, housemates thought that everyone is safe but he further revealed that elimination will be on the wish of housemates, means housemates will have to decide who should be evicted this week. The onus was on Puneet and sparing Gautam and Dimpy everyone had some hard feelings for him. So is Puneet evicted or it is someone else? Is the evicted contestants out or kept in secret room? Well the clue is present here only try to find out if you are intelligent enough. However Karishma, Diandra and Ali are already safe, thanks to new equation of the house.

    Varun Dhawan is the guest this week and will be promoting his movie Badlapur. He is also going to launch song "Jee Kar da" at the sets of Bigg Boss. Varun enters the house and have some fun games, he teaches some meditation to remain calm and happy in the house. He also plays a task badla in which Sonali gives all her clothes to Diandra to wash. Salman tested some general knowledge and all the girls except Dimpy was real dumbo. Later again Sach ka samna was played keeping contestants in witness box, which really exposed one against other openly. Gautam narrated hoe Sonali wa being too cozy with him during luxury budget shopping, she tried to kiss Gautam on neck and cheecks and was ready to go even beyond that. Housemates are busy in planning whom to evict among Sonali, Dimpy and Puneet. Sonali is next to be safe getting maximum support from housemates. Now comes Puneet and Dimpy. Pritam and Praneet are confused whom to save and again Pritam comes under influence of Karishma and opts Dimpy leaving Puneet to get evicted. Now the twist is that is Puneet really evicted or again kept in secret room? Finally Salman reveals that no one is evicted. Phew phew.
    Upcoming week will be so exciting as Gautam will certainly be targeted being alone now. Live updates of each day will be available on day to day basis at
    12th week Bigg Boss 8 live updates : December 8th to 14th nomination to eviction. A mid week eviction is expected, so we may be coming here to update in the mid week, probably on Wednesday or Thursday during a party.

    29th and 30th November 2014, 10th week eviction special and weekend ka vaar episode of 69th and 70th episode in Bigg Boss 8 live updates

    This week again there were many topics which was to be discussed, unlike last week Salman was in no mood to spare anyone who was at fault. Most hot topic was Ali-Sonali incidence and entire housemates spoke against Ali, but Salman was in favor of him though advising him to take care of the language he use in the house. Sonali's carefree attitude was another topic of discussion. Upen shrewd technique to provoke Ali was also discussed. But he got the reward of sacrificing by having a chat with her mother and cousins. Puneet's captaincy was discussed and got an average rating. Snapdeal contestant ordered one of the thing an screw driver or hat.
    Renee was also questioned for her non participation in task, however her explanation was not stretched. Finally the favorite of Salman Karishma who is now crossing all the extremes of selfishness was again under the scanner for her attitude against Gautam when he ended her race for captaincy, even she did the same when Upen and Gautam were contenders, Salman also taunted about her makeup which she got in apps task for the sake of luxury budget. He offered Karishma to color her own hair to meet her mother. But did she agreed or showed her selfishness even with her own mother, that is interesting to watch. Gautam was indirectly poked to comment on Diandra's new look as she shaved her hair and became bald. Gautam was blushing.
    As far as eviction is concerned Sonali is again on danger asan but strange thing is that Ali inspite of being on hot spot is safe and Sonali too is safe (but not announced), now we have to see if Parinda will fly(Praneet) or it will be between Upen and Renee. Will the captain leave or Upen's sacrifice will go in vain, no he is safe leaving Praneet and Renee.

    On Sunday episode the guest today is Sonakshi Sinha and she enters the house to have some fun. Several tasks were done, one were dance number in pairs in which Guatam pairs with Diandra, Dimpy showed some good steps with Puneet, Upen with Sonali. Other task was somewhat provocative, here Sonakshi narrated some idioms and asked housemates to fit it on anyone. Gautam - Praneet was again in an argument in this task, I think Praneet is taking the words of snapdeal caller too seriously and the string which kept P3G united is very much fragile and is now breaking at every step, it is Puneet who is still stretching the unity by making the knot of torn strings after every break.
    Karishma was asked to color her hair to have a chat with her mother which is already mentioned. Salman plays a task "save battery" in which he repeats some of the words said by housemates for another person, if one accepts then battery will remain same but if one denies or say false then battery will be lost. Several personalities were exposed but the most surprising was the words said by Diandra that she intends to break P3G. How the same were taken up by housemates? Everyone were looking at her surprisingly but she correctly denied that. Now it comes the eviction, Renee, Praneet and Sonali. Sonali is safe as already mentioned above. Praneet will have to wait for the parinda again and Renee will be leaving the house.
    As Big Bomb, she has to handover her captaincy and had to nominate two contenders and she selected Pritam and Praneet.
    11th week Bigg Boss 8 live updates : November 24th to 30th nomination to eviction.

    22nd and 23rd November 2014 9th week eviction special and weekend ka vaar in Bigg Boss 8 live updates

    Another weekend comes and this time on the scale of Salman is none other that "Don't taunt me bro". Yes its Upen. He was questioned why he was expecting housemates to support him rather than Karishma. Gautam captaincy was praised as Gautam city task was was done successfully for the first time. Praneet and Ali incidence were also discussed when both called each other dogs. Karishma was once again under the scanner. Ali-Dimpy relationship was also discussed and finally fun element was none other than Sonali again. Ali tries to put blame on Karishma to patch up with Dimpy but he himself get trapped in his words.
    As far as eviction is concerned this time it is very much surprising and unpredictable. Dimpy, Sonali, Karishma and Nigar all the four have their own strength and weakness. On the danger chair it is Sonali again. Till latest news received Dimpy is safe, however unofficial news is that Karishma is also safe and it is between Nigar and Sonali. Though Salman was in happy mood as her sister's Arpita's wedding happened in this week only, so baring 1-2 classes he was in fun mood discussing Diandra Gautam friendship, chussu episode of Ali and whole episode went smoothly.

    On Sunday we will see the Bigg Boss anthem which was prepared by Gauti after his famous composition We Love we love Gauti, he was asked to do that. The anthem was truly pleasant and entertaining to watch which included every housemates revealing their nature and finally including Salman. Gautam's one more talent was revealed as he was directing the whole anthem. A game Pehchan Kaun was conducted by Salman in which housemates had to identify the contestants based on the clue given. Another game was Sach ki kursi where contestants had to answer some questions about other contestants Ali was asked whom he thinks should not be in house but somehow plays safe, he named Karishma, who will be first to get eliminated in P3G, he named Praneet. Is Diandra playing a game with Gautam, he said no, Similarly other contestants were asked some questions.
    Finally it comes eviction time and there is a twist in that, Bigg Boss allows sister of one of the nominated contestants and during the fun, she carries her sister out of the house. But is she Nigar or Sonali, surprisingly it is Nigar Khan whose short and sweet journey will end today and Sonali will continue again. but the most interesting part is the surprising nomination, yes one contestant will be nominated tomorrow and the nomination is based on the contestant who is almost dead, inactive in the house, who is the contestant, is it Upen or Sonali. Yes 5 votes went for Sonali and 4 for Upen.
    For 11th week that is 1st to 7th December live updates for each day tune to 11th week Bigg Boss 8 live updates : December 1st to 7th nomination to eviction.

    15th and 16th November 2014 8th week eviction special and weekend ka vaar in Bigg Boss 8 live updates

    Here comes the analysis of another week on weekend ka vaar. Tragic because of the break in P3G which always looked like unbreakable inspite of all the strains coming in between. Salman questioned on attitude of housemates who showed non cooperation during Gautam's captaincy. Karishma was one of the main victim again in front of Salman. Pritam and Praneet were questioned why they were not ready to leave captaincy instead of wanting Gautam to quit as they also left one chance when Gautam was against Upen for the same. Pritam was also questioned for making personal comment on Dimpy. Puneet's release was welcomed from Salman. This time Gautam was also on the hot pan of Salman for not asking Puneet's release when he has to express one of his wish to ex captain Diandra, he was also questioned for his rudeness, but Gautam never defended and took all the advices seriously.
    On the fun note Sonali was asked to make a roti round in shape when her tiff with Dimpy was discussed. Snapdeal caller ordered one thing out of binoculor, head phone and lock and key, for whom will be updated soon. What was the affect of Salman's class on Pritam and Praneet. Did Puneet tried again to reunite? Who changed their attitude? Stay tuned for further updates
    Regarding eviction this week is very vital and very surprising result is awaited as Gautam and Puneet are safe and the battle is between Karishma, Arya. Who among the Karishma and Arya's fans will be dissapointed? Wait and watch for next update.

    Sunday has always been a fun episode and this time Arjun Kapoor is the guest and enters the house in unique way and play a game in which each housemates will have to select his mates in which he or she want to change any one attitude throwing a color filled balloon. Karishma selects Puneet, Puneet selects Praneet, Arya selects Pritam, Sonali Ali, though the game ended in fun note but everyone said their feelings for other. All housemates starts cooperating with Gautam though their internal friction remained. Puneet still trying hard to unite P3G. Pritam accepted friendship with Gautam again but he stands on his point of doing no work this week.
    As far as eviction is concerned both Arya and Karishma were very close in terms of votes but this time Karishma won and finally there is end of the journey of Arya babbar in Bigg Boss 8.

    8th and 9th November 2014 7th week eviction special and weekend ka vaar episode in Bigg Boss 8

    This weekend the major issues are Puneets violence, exit and rentry, Karishma-Gautam task, selection of new captain and finally two wild card contestants. Karishma once again was at the reciving end, not because she demanded her make up but the way she behaved with Gautam in the confession room when Gautam was not ready for her makeup and gave more importance to household needs. Karishma tried to explain but Salman is Salman. Salman praised Gautam and called him real Hero. Great go ahead Gautam. Arya, Diandra and Karishma and even Sushant were questioned for their objection of Puneet's entry and challenging Bigg Boss decision and decision of audience, gave several examples occured in the house very similar to this one on which a contestant can be evicted. He also questioned the task where female contestants again and again take advantage and quoted example of Soni and Gautam. Arya was again speechless and was unable to defend after initial trial as he intended to appeal to Bigg Boss only after being pushed by other housemates, however before that Puneet has to face tough time with Salman for his unacceptable violence done, he came out from cage for a while. Arya also faced Snapdeal callers question about his sudden recovery from pain after Puneet's exit. Upen was also under scanner for his partiality in selecting for captaincy as well as for nomination for eviction. Salman also welcomed both the wild card enteries Dimpy Mahajan and Renee Dhyani.

    As far as eviction is concerned out of 6 nominated contestants namely Ali, Sushant, Praneet, Puneet, Sonali and Gautam. Sonali, Praneet, Gautam was declared safe.

    Here is the detail for Sunday episode. Now Puneet are safe as per latest news. Finally Puneet is out of the cage permanently as per audience choice. Now it is between Sushant, Ali and Praneet. Before that Ali tries to clarify his point of poking Arya against Puneet's disqualification. Arya in order to settle the thing approaches Puneet, but now no polished talks, Puneet exposes all the conversation between them, which causes a serious rift between them and all the barriers of respect is removed.

    Bigg Boss exposed Karishma on Yes No task and now Salman plays the same will all housemates a task called "Mere sawalon ka jawab do" and almost all showed their true colors which were hidden behind fake friendship and group. Upen selected Pritam as better captain than Diandra, Sonali chosed Gautam whose eviction will be happiest moment, Dimpy and Renee both chosed Karishma as most fake contestants and there are many more questions whose answers were shocking for there close friends.
    Famous Ventriloquist Satyajit Padhye along with his puppet Chotu Singh also entertain the audience and housemates with the funny acts but full of sarcastic remarks on contestants according to their behaviour in the house. How contestants took, Sophie's advice, how they reacted on Satyajit Padhye remarks will be interesting to watch. Sophie Choudhary, actress is the panel guest and like everyone she too praises Gautam. Inspite of being a good friend of Karishma, Upen and Diandra, he pulls Karishma on make up issue and pour his advises to her dear friends inside the house.
    Last bet not the least there will be one more wild card entry most probably today or latest by tomorrow and she is none other than last season's winner Gauhar Khan's elder sister Nigar Khan., well the coming week will be special in the house. See her strategy at Nigar Ghan journey and strategy in Bigg Boss 8 as wild card contestant
    Finally Karishma by default once again becomes vamp of the house as Sushant is evicted, she could have saved her in the task done with Gautam. How the housemates reacts after his eviction, as no one is in sevak state now, so what will be the big bomb, stay tuned to know details.

    For new week that is 10th to 16th November tune to 8th week Bigg Boss 8 live updates : November 10th to 16th nomination to eviction.

    1st and 2nd November 2014 eviction special and weekend ka war episode in Bigg Boss 8

    The week was so special as there has been to many things to discuss. Ali regaining his captaincy then losing it due to inappropriately touching Sonali, Sonali-Gautam separation to an extreme level of love to hatred. Break in P3G group. Gautam being cornered again and this time he seems to be breaking, he was seen all alone talking to the camera and later entered confession room to pour his heart out. He felt sick but still no one came even to show sympathy. Minissha-Puneet issue and many mor things were discussed.
    Salman Khan discussed issues of Sonali and Praneets nomination done by Ali and Ali defends himself by which Salman was more or less looked convinced. Upen captaincy was also questioned especially his selection of Sushant as best contestant in phone task in which he is already nominated and the taunt issue by Gautam which in reality never looked like taunt. Pritam was also questioned for getting involved with majority without taking own stand. Ali, Gautam and Karishma to make them aware of their strength and weakness and difference between acting and reality.

    As far as eviction is concerned till the latest news obviously Gautam is safe, Praneet is also safe and the game lies between Puneet, Minissha and Sonali. Let us see if this time a male contestant is evicted of like last 5 weeks again a female contestant will have to leave.

    Well now as Saturday episode is over it is now clear that both Puneet and Minissha are kept in secret room, the whole process is done to reschuffle the gropus made in the house. Though Gautam breaks more, Pritam realizes and Praneet is in fear. But but but it doestnt mean that Puneet and Minissha are declared safe.

    The guest for Sunday episode is the team of movie Kill Dil, Govinda and Ranveer and Parineeti will have some fun with Salman as well as contestants but things turned ugly when Ali while dancing again did the same inappropriate touch and this time qith Parineeti for qhich Salman Khan was very upset and given a heavy firing to Ali but this is the twist as it was all for fun. Sonali was again fun element for shifting to Gautam Upen then again Gauam and again Upen.
    Yes, the eviction is already done, since it will be aired on Sunday, so will be updated later just to increase your curiosity as there is an unimaginable twist which wont be revealed as it will be a spoiler. It is sure that this week it is shocking eviction, simply unpredictable. Yes it is Minissha who is evicted.


    Arji Kamati said...

    thnks.....Gautam is best ......wo bahut problem jhel rahe hai es house mein ....he will be the winner....

    Piyush Priyaranjan said...

    manu manveer sirf ek dusre ki chugli karte hai aur mona puppet ki tarah unke piche piche ghumti hai,acha hai ki ladies aur gents ke toilets alag hai nai to mona waha bhi manu ke sath chali jaayegi

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