Bigg Boss 8 surprising news, interesting facts, updates

Sunday, September 21, 2014
Bigg Boss 8, a controversial realitbr show will be starting after few hours. Here is all the surprising news, intersting facts about the show, its contestants, surprise entry, eviction and all updates. Stay tuned.

For 104 days from today you will be getting surprising news about contestants, some interesting happenings in the house, some surprise evictions and some wild card entries. All updates from day 1 that is premiere episode to grand finale will be updated.

Unique records of Bigg Boss

Before we proceed to season 8 have a quick look at records made in Bigg Boss in all seasons.

  • Contestants having maximum number of days to stay in house - Tanisha Mukherjee (Bigg Boss 7). This season was of 105 days, Sangram also stayed 105 days but Tanisha was first to enter the house and last to exit. Winner Gauhar Khan left the house for 2 days in between the show.

  • Contestants having minimum number of days to stay in house - Jade Goody and Bunty both for 2 days.

  • Maximum number of votes for nominations - Top 5 are Pooja Mishra (total 35 votes), Ashutosh (29 votes), Roopali Ganguly and Raja (28 votes), Vindu Dara Singh and Veena Malik (27 votes), Ashmit Patel (26 votes).

  • Maximum nomination votes for a winner of show - Ashutosh (29 votes) followed by

  • Top 5 male contestants in terms of votes for nominations - Ashutosh (29 votes), Raja (28 votes), Vindu Dara Singh (27 votes), Ashmit Patel (26 votes), Kushal (25 votes).

  • Top 5 female contestants in terms of votes for nominations - Pooja Mishra (35 votes), Roopali Ganguly (28 votes), Veena Malik (27 votes), Carol Gracis and Sara Khan (25 votes), Tanisha Mukherjee and Sapna Bhavnani (24 votes).

  • Maximum number of times eviction faced by contestants - Tanisha Mukherjee (9 times), Mehek Chehl and Sapna Bhavnani (8 times), Vindu Dara Singh, Rajev, Gauhar Khan and Andy (7 times).

  • No wild card contestants have won till date.

  • Only one contestant till date got 0 votes for nomination and he is Navjyot Singh Sidhu.

  • Maximum nomination votes season wise Season 1 (Roopali Ganguly - 28 votes), Season 2 - (Ashutosh - 29 votes), Season 3 - Vindu Dara Singh - 27 votes), Season 4 - (Veena Malik - 27 votes), Season 5 - (Pooja Mishra - 35 votes), Season 6 - (Sapna Bhavnani - 24 votes), Season 7 - (Kushal Tondon - 25 votes)

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    9th week live updates in Bigg Boss 8

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    Weekend ka vaar 15th and 16th Nov episode in Bigg Boss 8 : P3G on hot seat

    Pritam and Praneets attitude were questioned, non cooperation and attitude of housemates towards Gautam was the one of the main topic, who was the guest, how they treated and greeted with housemates, how P3G were questioned and were on Salman's hot seat. See all details of weekend ka vaar episode of 15th and 16th November at Bigg Boss 8 eviction special and weekend ka war live updates. It will be updated regularly.

    14th November episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Does P3G exist?

    Who was responsible for break in P3G, why Praneet hit Gautam, how the matter was settled, what are the new equation in the house? Who became captain. For all details of tomorrows episode see 8th week Bigg Boss 8 live updates : November 14th episode.

    13th November episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Captainship vs friendship

    How Karishma reacted when she was out of Kitchen and was given garden area by captain Pritam? Is Puneet ruling the house? Who comes to show sympathy with Karishma, is there any one from P3G? How Nigar is carrying her Nautanki to come in limelight, How Puneet came out of cage. See details at 8th week Bigg Boss 8 live updates : November 13th episode.

    12th November episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Captainship vs friendship

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    11th November episode in Bigg Boss 8 : New wild card and another task

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    10th November episode in Bigg Boss 8 : 8th week nomination

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    Weekend ka vaar 8th and 9th Nov episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Salman in his own style

    From Friday night the weekend special episodes of Sat and Sun are shooted, thus it is updated intermittently in details. Thus to know who was on Salman's target today, what was Snapdeal question and to whom and who are safe and lastly who is leaving the house at Bigg Boss 8 eviction special and weekend ka war live updates. It will be updated regularly.

    7th November episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Two beauties in the show as wild card contestants

    For the first time two wild card enteries are entering in same day. Dimpy Mahajan and Renee Dhyani, who are they, how they spend their first day and which group they were more attached to, what was Karishma-Gautam issue, how was Diandra's captainship. See all details of 7th Nov episode at Bigg Boss 8 live updates for 7th November, 7th week

    6th November episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Puneet returns and house got new captain

    Puneet is back and kept in cage as punishment, there is selection for new captain and the selection is between Pritam and Diandra. How Puneet reacted after reachung house once again, who became captain, who was against return of Puneet and how they start making mountain with a mole. There is another surprising twist, what is that, see all details at Bigg Boss 8 live updates for 6th November, 7th week

    5th November in Bigg Boss 8 : Return of Puneet after emotional circumstances

    The task continued and finally there was a circumstance when housemates accepted back Puneet with all respect, the housemates ganged up against Arya for using power this time from his side. How the task continued, who again started physical violence, how Puneet was back. See all updates at Bigg Boss 8 live updates for 5th November, 7th week


    4th November in Bigg Boss 8 : New task again violence Puneet takes an exit

    New task is given Unchi Hai building but again there is violence by Puneet and finally he was asked to leave the house, whom did Puneet hit, what was the task, what was the team. See details at Bigg Boss 8 live updates for 4th November, 7th week

    3rd November nomination special day in Bigg Boss 8

    The new equation s are building in house as Karishma faces some conflict from their own friends. Twist in nomination and all details can be seen here Bigg Boss 8 live updates for 3rd November, 7th week

    1st and 2nd November episode in Bigg Boss : Eviction special

    Salman ne kiski lagai waat, and who is evicted. See all details at Bigg Boss 8 eviction special and weekend ka war live updates.

    31st October episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Gautam lost his friend as well as love

    At last the split is obvious now in P3G and the differences are increasing between Praneet and Gautam and both now cant even minor things of each other. Upen as captain has to punish a contestant by the order of Bigg Boss based on phone task and he selects Gautam, the obvious choice. Gautam was kept in the cage till next order of Bigg Boss. Did Gautam took it sportingly, what about nature's call, well at present he has some extra energy, the energy of audience love. He was not allowed to talk with anyone except one who will be his voice and he selected Puneetji. Sonali openly showed her hatred towards Gautam and even took all his compliments in negative way even threw flower which was given to her via Puneet in good gesture. Upen was also asked to select the best person in that task and look whom did Upen chose the one who has been nominated by Bigg Boss due to failure in that task and that is Gautam, what an impartial Captain Karishma was proposing to everyone, any way Sushant got the reward to keep one assistant and he selected Ali. Later a task is given in which each contestants has to go to the witness box and other contestants will ask everything what they want to and the contestant who had to face maximum allegation was again Gautam, Puneet, Ali and Karishma too had to face embarrassing questions, but again the episode was captured by Gautam during his allegations he and Praneet once again had an argument, it seems like their relationship is becoming what Amitabh and Shashi Kapoor had in movie Dewar. It is becoming almost a remake of Dewar in Bigg Boss house now and Puneet here is playing the role of Maa (oops Baap) but this time will he stick to Gautam (Amitabh) or Praneet (Shashi Kapoor). Ali on the other hand continues his work of "Aao Behen chugli karen" after getting all informations and conversations of P3G. Puneet and Pritam tries to unite the group once again but the line drawn within the heart of both Praneet and Gautam against each other can be erased? Well time will say.

    30th October episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Ali faces the impact of his bossism

    As Ali is not the captain now he is being ordered by P3G at every step, but as Ali expected everyone to obey him wihout any resistance, he became impatient and his frustration was revealed when he started heated argument with Praneet. He again started behaving like a Psycho, Diandra please watch what actual a psycho means. Now there is a task for captaincy and it is between Upen and Gautam. For captaincy Bigg Boss asked contestants to give their name, while everyone were planning Gautam went to confeession room and gave his name, after that Diandra, Karishma all went but the room was closed. Later Praneet was asked to give one name who will compete with Gautam for Captaincy and this time all housemates selected Upen. Both Upen and Gautam were asked to select two contestants to assist them, Gautam selected Puneet and Pritam while Upen selected Arya and Ali. Karishma and her group started playing dirty politics and trying to convince Praneet and other P3G to support Upen for the sake of house. Will P3G get trapped in dirty politics of Karishma or their unity be reman intact. Who will be the next captain, obviously if is Gautam, there be an earthquake in the house and every contestants will be shaking, so will housemates support them or like Praneet, Puneet and Pritam will also support him half halfheartedly. Yes Upen is the new captain and poor Gautam first he lost Sonali's affection to Upen and now captaincy. Is Upen being the biggest hurdle in his journey? Is Upen directly confronting the most popular housemate to show the house and the audience the exact meaning of positivity and negativity, well my dear boy it might be easy to convince the housemates but will you succeed in convincing the audience who already accepted Gautam as the hero of the house. Though Pritam is the most balanced person but when asked about girls of the house, he confessed he would have dated Karishma if he would have been single, but Ali who is making another bro sis story didnt took it lightly and was annoyed. Stay tuned for more updates.

    29th October episode in Bigg Boss 8 : Break in P3G?

    Is Gautam being over confident? He is literally inviting every housemates even his well wishers Praneet for a fight. He took an advice of Praneet in a negative way and the relationship first time saw a bitter taste. Gautam also invited an ugly arguement with Upen and Arya though it was looking like Upen intentionally want to argue with him Upen is taking every comment now very personally. Upen after eviction of Soni is coming in limelight, is he still upset for wrongly portraying his relationship with Soni. Puneet failed in his task to be done by Karishma and Daindra but succeeded after Pritam tried hard to convince them, he was also successful in other two tasks one asking Praneet to hide soft toys of Arya and Sushant and other by asking Minissha to take a clue card from dustbin full of garbage and heavily stinking. He handover the phone to Sushant and see what a tough task Sushant got, first he was asked to ask Upen to go bald, but he refuged then he was asked same to any male member who is not bald but everyone refuged and finally he was asked to convince Pritam or Puneet no nominate themselves but both refuged, thus Sushant failed in all the task and will be nominated for next week. However at present the strong P3G group looks vulnerable due to short termperedness and over confidence of Gautam. Ali on the otherhand trying his level best to establish himself again within P3G keeping the other group in confidence too, what a game? Puneet was in tears seeing Minisha's support who dindnt took a single minute to perform such a stinking task and he was always targeting her. He was regreting by heat and was thanking Minissha crying like a baby.

    28th October episode : Ali's bad intention revealed in Bigg Boss 8

    The episode was completely focussed on Ali perverted intention. He took Sonali as granted and tried to touch her inside the blanket. Sonali reacted but he wanted to make things light but Sonali was not ready to accept it as the touch was clearly with bad intentions as she felt. It became a big issue when for the first time entire house came with Sonali. Ali felt dejected. Housemates were trying to be friendly with him just for the nomination day and as nomination is over now, Ali got to face a tough situation in the house for his act and was punished by Bigg Boss even, I think he lost his captaincy and is also nominated. A secret phone call came and Karishma picked up the phone, she was asked to do some makeover for a contestant and she selected Praneet, she was aksed two laziest contestant and she named Sushant and Sonali both were given egg yolk shake and Kerala juice to drink for energy. LoL. She had to convince housemates to sacrifice half of the quanity of weekly ration. Later Punnet was given a task to convince Karishma and Diandra to give up their make up kit, initially both agreed, strange but later Karishma being more manipulative took back botht the makeup kit from store room back, thus Puneet failed in his task initially.

    27th October episode : New week, new nominations, new equations in Bigg Boss 8

    New week starts with new equations, Diandra who once snapped badly at Ali is being a good buddy, thanks to Slaman's advice. For the fist time there is no prior nominations. Captain Ali nominated Praneet and Sonali giving reasons of his laziness, however his inclination towards Diandra and group is obvious now and his intention to break P3G group is obvious as he keeps a goodwill with Puns and Pritam and just opposite with Gautam, Praneet and Sonali. Cool Praneet first time lost his temper for Ali and this takes a bitter situation. Karishma nominates Puneet and Gautam, Arya nominates Puneet and Gautam, Gautam nominates Arya and Diandra, Sushant nominates Minisha and Gautam, Praneet nominates Arya and Minissha, Pritam nominates Karishma and Upen, Sonali nominates Minissha and Karishma, Diandra nominates Gautam and Puneet, Minissha nominates Puneet and Gautam, Puneet nominates Arya and Minissha, Upen nominates Puneet and Gautam. Apart from Praneet and Sonali other nominated contestants are Minissha, Puneet for the first time and he was nomimated by Karishma, Minissha, Arya and Upen, and Gautam. Pritam will be seen in new look given by Gautam, however housemates got the opportunity to criticize Gautam again for his unskilled work with Pritam's hair. Minissha has a minor tiff with Ali when he stoled the custard, Minishha called him chor but Ali didnt reacted and seeked apology without exaggerating the issue. Arya also lost his temper when a gift given by her girl friend was taken by Di and Minissha jokingly, it looked like Arya intentionally wanted to show his temper as he is always blamed as good for nothing in the house. Gautam already hold a record of Bigg Boss of getting max votes for nomination in single week (13 votes), he had already 25 nomination votes so far, he gets 6 votes thus breaking all time Bigg Boss rescord of having maximum nomination votes for any male ontestant. at present the record is with Ashutosh (29 votes) and Gautam reached 31 votes. If he is safe and gets 4 more nominations he will be breaking Puja Mishra's record of 35 votes for nomination.

    26th October episode : Urvashi Dholakia as Bigg Boss 8 panel guest

    Though shooting for Saturday and Sunday episode is done at a stretch but eviction on Sunday has been a trend now. Ali seems to be targeting Sonali everytime since she had been closer to Gautam. Gautam fumes in anger though there is no direct confrontation with him again. Urvashi Dholakia the former winner of Bigg Boss n season 6 will be the panel guest and will question Ali, Sonali, Diandra and even Puneetji. Ali got a heavy dose from her for targeting few housemates intentionally including Sonali. I think Salman took the help of panelists for Puneetji as he didnt want to tell him directly respecting his seniority and Ali as he is close to him. Upen and Arya for their non existence will also be questioned. Even Karishma was questioned for being confused. The relationships in the house will also come under scrutiny. Sonali is again questioned by them while Soni Upen were under heavy scrutiny. First time a bit of anger was seen on Upen's face. Musical director duo Sajid Wajid who did Dabang and many other movies with Salman will also be the guest and will sing few numbers for housemates as well as Salman. As far as eviction is concerned, Sonali and Diandra are safe and now it remains between Minissha and Soni. Will be witness an unpredictable eviction. Dont know if it is good for Upen as he will have to show something new now or will he feel lonely as it is Soni Singh who will be leaving the house today.

    25th October episode : Weekend ka war, Salman ne lagayi kiski watt

    Again it is weekend and guess Bigg Boss not even discussed Ali Gautam incidence, well for this day only. Ali initially tried to prove himself as a good captain blaming Sonali as Kamchor but later he failed to defend further. Gautam-Sonali relationship was also discussed but indirectly. Sonali reluctance towards work was the main focus of the episode but in fun mode but the champion netertainer was Pritam who did splendid mimicry of housemates and entertained everyone including audience and Salman Khan. As far as eviction is concerned Pritam, Sushant, Gautam are safe. Rumor was that Sushant eviction is pre decided, but Bigg Boss proved the genuinity of voting system

    24th October episode : Selection of new Captain in Bigg Boss

    The duration of captaincy of Ali is going to be over and housemates(the winning team) decides between Sushant and Upen for new captain which internally is not acceptable for Diandra. A task is organized by Bigg Boss between winners for new captain. Ali wins the task and becomes captain again, hopefully he will have something to show positive now. On other side Gautam Sonali is in their own comfort zone and coming more closer. Diandra is upset with her own group especially Karishma and the friction is clearly visible. Bigg Boss asks new captain Ali to punish one housemate and he selects Praneet. (Obviously as Praneet favored Gautam in the fight), he was given huge number of plates to clean. Ali again starts being a horrible captain but this time being closer to Diandra. For more updates stay tuned.

    23rd October episode : Diwali celebration in Bigg Boss house with Guthi and Palak

    After the tough day, finally there is some entertainment in the house, Guthi and Palak enters and play some interesting games, they distribute crackers according to nature of the contestants like Arya get rocket as he dont have a fixed direction, Karishma gets a series of cracker as she is unstoppable. Housemates plays interesting games, laddoo competition between Soni and Sonali. Ali was still a bit depressed as he realized that he was at the fault in front of all housemates though Diandra is making him comfortable. As Gautam Sonali love story is blooming in this Diwali, she is unable to take it and is trying all measures to let this beautiful couple down. Fashion show was organized choreographed by Diandra and Mouni Roy presented a beautiful dance to make a special Diwali. Friction between Sushant and Diandra increases as she doesnt get much support from her own group.
    Note : As I mentioned earlier girls are being evicted and to compensate their number another wild card entry is on the way and this time it is Shanti Dynamite, a model of adult entertainment industry just like Sunny Leone, will this make any change in equation of the house or in TRP of the show, well time will tell.

    22nd October episode : Housemates cracks on Diwali task

    Mithai shop task continues and this time each team has to challenge other team and ask them to make sweet of their wish. Task takes an ugly turn when Gautam goes to opponent team to ask their wish, a confusion arise and Puneet again lose his cool. He went on physically hurting Gautam, Ali intervened but Gautam with a lion heart did not made any issue for that. Puneet was overenthusiastic in the task and overruled everyone including Diandra his captain of his own team. Diandra left the task behind. Ali indirectly favors Puneet and this lead to an ugly fight between Ali and Gautam. Entire team gets divided, foul words, abuse threats and everything happened and the festive day turned out to be the ugliest day of Bigg Boss season 8. Ali to prove himself right and to gain housemates favour went in tears but apart from Puneet he did not get any support. Howerver the task ended and team Diandra was declared winner which was obvious seeing Ali's partiality. For selection of next captain from winning team two names came out Diandra and Sushant for which there is some differences between them. Did Bigg Boss took a harsh action for the ugly fight happened today? Who all got tough punishment and who were spared by mere warning or Bigg Boss left everything on Salman Khan at weekend ka war. Ofcourse yes, Bigg Boss soothened the hot environment by giving them opportunity to do online shopping on snapdeal giving 20 minutes for boys and same time for girls. Housemates too were seen forgetting all the things and were in the mood of enjoying by the end of the day. But yes someone still have a felling for revenge.

    21st October episode - Post nomination day and Diwali special task

    After the nomination day, Minissha looks a bit depressed as she thinks she had been portrayed as a cunning lady who can opt all sorts of measures to stay in house. A new task to make sweets is given. House is divided into two Mithai shops Gautam Mithaiwala in Blue and Diandra Mithaiwala in Red. Diandra's team includes Soni, Puneet, Upen, Minissha and Sushant and rest in Gautam's shop. Ali is to supervise the task. The raw materials is coming through trade mill. The team making maximum sweets is winner. Puneet again takes the task very personally and hurts Karishma though unintentional. There is small rift in P3G. Ali too becomes too loud in the task. Minissha is doing very unwillingly. As usual again the task starts taking an ugly turn and it seems many crackers will crack in the house before Diwali. However Sonali and Gautam are coming a bit closer and is now felt by every housemates. Will there love blossom or housemates will target both of them.

    20th October episode - New week and twist in nomination

    Entire housemates discuss about the panels Sargun and Gauhar. Minissha again takes a U turn to make goodwill with Gautam. There is a twist in nomination again. This time it is open nomination. Each housemate will have to spoil the face of two contestants whose they want to nominate. Diandra nominates Gautam and Sonali and her rudeness while applying foam on Sonali was obvious though she was mild. Soni nominates Sonali and Gautam, Gautam nominates Soni and Minissha, Karishma nominates Sonali and Praneet, Sushant nominates Gautam and Praneet, Praneet nominates Soni and Minissha, Puneet nominates Minissha and Soni, Pritam nominates Arya and Minissha, Upen nominates Minissha and Sonali, Minissha nominates Gautam and Praneet, Arya nominates Sonali and Pueet, Sonali nominates Soni and Arya. Sushant, Diandra and Pritam are already nominated. There has been change in equations and relationships and to make the environment a bit friendly a task was organized titling "Mudda Pritam Pyare Ka" in which he tried to solve problems of housemates in entertaining way. Sonali indirectly revealed her crush for one of the housemate indirectly and guess he is none other than Gautam. Ali tried to be friendly with all after being so strict in last week, but housemates were not easily accepting him. Final nominations are Sushant, Diandra, Pritam, Soni, Minissha and Sonali are nominated. There is one more nomination expected and that is the common name Gautam.

    Week 4 : 13th October to 19th October 2014 in Bigg Boss 8

    New entry - Ali Quli Mirza enters as 1st wild card entry and straightway becomes 1st captain of the house, nominated by Bigg Boss.
    Tasks – Heroes vs Villains : Pritam was villain and Karishma Hero and housemates had to join any team at their own will, after several changes P3G and Sonali remained in villains and rest in heroes. Second part where Heroes had to save their flag was withdrawn by Bigg Boss due to excessive physical violence.
    Band Karo Ye Atyachar – Gautam, Pritam and Punnet have to plea captain to release them from sevak status and replace with other housemates. Finally Arya, Minissha replaces Gautam and Pritam and Puneet remains sevak.
    Car Dekho Suno Nahi, Dekho – Team A - Ali, Karishma, Minissha, Puneet, Sonali, Sushant and Upen and Team B: Aarya, Diandra, Gautam, Natasa, Praneet, Pritam and Soni. Both team has to take car to a destination and solve puzzle. Team A wins.
    Surprising news – Diandra openly apply her physical power on Sonali during task and no girl comes in support. Diandra was punished and was directly nominated for next week.
    Ali in his interview points Arya as most fake and have intention to expose Arya, Minissha and few other housemates.
    Nominations – There is twist in nominations and this time each housemate have to save one contestants. Praneet, Upen and Sushant got 3 saviours and are safe while all other 9 contestants are nominated. Puneet, Soni and Natasha got one saviours while rest got none.
    Eviction : Natasha gets evicted in a unique way, Salman enters the house with a band and they take Natasha out.
    Guests – Gauhar Khan and she becomes Bigg Boss for one day and do some interesting tasks. Sargun Mehta, both Gauhar and Sargun point out Minissha for taking undue advantage of being a girl as and when required but not favouring a girl when actually required.
    Weekend ka War – Salman discusses physical violence and take class of Arya, Upen, Minissha and Karishma for not taking stand for Sonali.

    Week 3 : 06th October to 12th October 2014 in Bigg Boss 8

    Tasks – Babbar Vs Lamba family Upen son of Lamba family is in love with daughter of Babbar family Sonali. Babbar family is against and Lamba in favour and have to perform different steps to meet them. Lamba family wins. Team Babbar consists of Arya, Puneet, Daindra, Karishma, Soni and Natasha. Team Lamba consists of Minissha, Gautam, Praneet, Sushant and Pritam. Sonali has been considered as best player and got immunity from nomination while Arya and Puneet as worst player and were directly nominated.
    Kismain Kitna Hai Dum – It was between Puneet and Arya to make themself safe from direct nomination. Both were laying of ice blocks and housemates at their own will had to break another ice block and get the safety ticket from that after melting the ice. Puneet wins.
    Ek Tha Ghar – Each housemate impersonate other housemate.
    TVS Zest – Between Soni and Sonali. Team Soni wins.
    Surprising news – Nomination days changes from Thursday to Monday. Top 4 votes were taken into consideration for nomination as top 2 were confirmed to be Gautam and Pritam.
    Arya went on telling all the stories of strategies made outside house and many personal things like Minissha was one time her girl friend etc. The weekend special turned out to be taking an ugly turn.
    Guests – Rekha for promotion of Super Nani.
    Nominations – Arya, Pritam, Gautam, Deepsikha.
    Eviction – Deepsikha evicted and as big bomb adds Puneet in sevak status.

    Week 2 : 29 September to 05th October 2014 in Bigg Boss 8

    Tasks – Hijack Team Deepsikha consisting of Karishma, Diandra, Arya, Upen, Sushant, Minissha. Team Pritam consisting of Gautam, Soni, Sukirti, Puneet, Praneet, Natasha. Team Deepsikha wins and Captain gets immunity from nomination. Gautam abuses Karishma during task and in turn is cornered by entire housemates inspite of apologising several times.
    Xpose – Sonali after rentry categorize the housemates in terms of Haisiyat, Niyat and Surat.
    Surprising news – Sonali Raut’s rentry clearly shows Salman’s favour as she was her recommendation in the house. Gautam became hero outside among audience. Pritam comes in his support. Ghar ki baat Pritam ke saath was not aired. Sonali and Pritam bonds with Gautam. All enters in new house but Gautam and Praneet have sevak status.
    Weekend special – Salman takes class of entire housemates especially karishma for taking Gautam’s issue too personally and asking for disqualification. Daindra too got some dose from Salman.
    Guests – Andy and Kamya comes as panel guest and again Karishma is at receiving end, they praises P3G that is Praneet, Puneet, Pritam and Gautam.
    Hrithik Roshan enters the house and play some stunt games a task called Bang Bang task.
    Nominations – Gautam with 13 votes, a record in Bigg Boss. 1st time entire housemates nominates a single contestant., Praneet and Sukirti.
    Eviction – Sukirti gets evicted and as Big Bomb relieves Praneet from sevak status and replaces him with Pritam.

    Week 1 : 21st September to 28th September 2014 in Bigg Boss 8

    Grand entry of 12 housemates and 3 Secret society members.
    Tasks – Qurbaniyaan done by Arya, Praneet, Minissha, Diandra, Sushant, Soni, Upen and Gautam.
    Twists and surprises – Secret society revealed, Gautam, Sonali punished for speaking English.
    Nominations – Natasha and Sukirti by housemates and Gautam, Sonali by Secret Society
    Eviction – Sonali Raut evicted and nominates Sukirti by Big Bomb power for next week.
    Guests - Shraddha Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor for promotion of Haider.
    Surprising news – Arya confesses that he will not nominate Minissha. Arya planned to romance with Minissha for the camera as a strategy.
    Diandra somewhere is biased against Sonali for her loss in super model contest from her sister Ujjwala Raut.


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    Hi Im from Srilanka .. Thanx alot for explaining sonalis task..ddnt know the meaning of the 3 words.. thnx again :)

    Ranjeewa Madanayake said...

    Phew Diandra is not nominated...... yippeeeeee :D

    Sohel Merchant said...

    Please post 17th October 2014 updates and ahead

    Shanthi Priya said...

    Why is this website not getting updated? i generally follow it quite regularly. disappointing to see old news again and again

    Krish Gajera said...

    wtf ?
    i m open this web regular but all time i see old news

    Chinmoy Mukherjee said...

    @Krish Gajera
    Please check the link is already provided here, where you will get all the updates. Updates of daily episodes are available in advance. Like for daily updates of this week check

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