Lok Sabha election 2014 dates, opinion, exit poll results, survey, updates

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Lok Sabha election 2014 is due to be held from Mid April to May as the present tenure of Government is going to end by 31st May. Here is the detail information about the election dates of Lok Sabha 2014 at different states, survey reports, opinion poll verdict and other updates.

Lok Sabha election 2014 is expected to be a revolution as Narendra Modi said in a rally that this time neither the caste or religion nor any other equation is goin to work, but the people of India are set to create example to have a common agenda that is to fight against corruption and to vow for development. Now what does survey says? What are the dates of election. All these answers will be here and will be updated time to time.

Lok Sabha election 2014 dates

It was already expected that the election for Lok Sabha 2014 will be between mid April to Mid May and will be held in 6 to 7 phases, though the exact date is to be declared on 6th March at 10.30 AM in a press conference by election commission and model code of conduct will be applicable with immediate effect after the announcement of dates. Assembly election for 3 states namely Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim will also be held simultaneously. Since the new Government is to be formed within 31st May, it is expected that till 24th May 2014, election as well as counting will be over to have a week time for the formation of new Government. NOTA will be introduced first time in Lok Sabha election in 2014. The expenses in election per constituency per candidate has also been increasd to 70 lakhs. How ever the exact date will be announced by Election commission is updated below as announced on 6th March.

Since the dates has been announced and here are the dates of Lok sabha elections 2014.

Lok Sabha 2014 elections will be in 9 phases and counting will be on 16 May 2014. The dates of each phase of election are
1st phase - 7th April 2014 for 6 lok sabha seats 5 in Assam and 1 in Tripura.

2nd Phase - 9th April 2014 for 7 lok sabha seats 2 each in Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalay and 1 each in Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland, one byelection for Mizoram assembly will also be held on this date.

3rd Phase - 10th April 2014 for 91 lok sabha constituencies comprising 1 at Andaman & Nicobar, 6 in Bihar, 1 at Chandigarh, 1 Chhattisgarh, 20 in Kerala, 10 at Haryana, 1 at Jammu and Kashmir, 4 in Jharkhand, 1 Lakshdweep, 9 in MP, 10 in Maharashtra, 7 NCT of Delhi, 10 in Orissa and 10 in Uttar Pradesh. Assembly election at 70 seats in Orissa and 1 at Maharashtra will also be held on same date.

4th Phase - 12th April 2014 for 5 lok sabha seats including 3 in assam, 1 in Sikkim and 1 in Tripura. Assembly election of 32 seats of Sikkim will be held on same date.

5th Phase - 17th April 2014 for maximum 121 lok sabha seats including 7 in Bihar, 3 in Chhattisgarh, 1 in Jammu Kashmir, 6 in Jharkhand, 28 in Karnataka, 10 in Madhya Pradesh, 19 in Maharashtra, 1 in Manipur, 11 in Odisha, 20 in Rajasthan, 11 in Uttar Pradesh and 4 in West Bengal. Assembly election for 77 seats in Odisha and for 2 seats as byelection in West Bengal will also be held on same date.

6th Phase - 24th April 2014 for 117 lok sabha constituencies including 6 in Assam, 7 in Bihar, 7 in Chhattisgarh, 1 in Jammu Kashmir, 4 in Jharkhand, 10 in Madhya Pradesh, 19 in Maharashtra, 1 in Puducherry, 5 in Rajasthan, 39 in Tamil Nadu, 12 in Uttar Pradesh and 6 in West Bengal. Assembly byelection for Alandur in Tamil Nadu will also be held on 24th April.

7th Phase - 30th April 2014 for 89 lok sabha seats including 17 in Andhra Pradesh mostly of Telangana constituencies, 7 in Bihar, 1 in Dadra Nagar Haveli, 1 in Daman & Diu, 1 in Jammu Kashmir, 13 in Punjab, 26 in Gujarat, 14 in Uttar pradesh and 9 in West Bengal. Assembly election for 130 constituencies will also be held out of which 117 of Andhra pradesh, Byelections at 1 constituency in Bihar and West Bengal, 2 in Uttar pradesh and 7 in Gujarat.

8th Phase - 7th May 2014 for 64 lok sabha seats including 25 in Andhra pradesh, 7 in Bihar, 2 Jammu Kashmir, 15 Uttar pradesh, 5 in Uttarakhand, 4 in Himachal Pradesh and 6 in West Bengal. Assembly election for 175 constituencies of Andhra pradesh, 1 in Bihar and West Bengal and 2 in UP will also be held.

9th Phase - 12th May 2014 for 41 lok sabha seats including 6 in Bihar, 18 in UP and 17 in west Bengal as well as byelection in 2 assembly constituencies of West Bengal.

Counting of all 543 constituencies of Parliamentary election will be on 16th May 2014.


Lok Sabha election 2014 survey and opinion poll report

The survey report clearly indicates that BJP will be the single largest party, though far away from the magic figure of 272 inspite of the fact that their graph is increasing as shown in survey of July and then in October 2013. UPA is falling and still falling, so the key will remain in the hand of other parties.
If we see the scenario of 2009 Lok Sabha election the situation stands like this UPA - 259, NDA - 159 and Others - 125 and the single largest party was Congress with 206 seats followed by BJP with 116 seats.
Survey was done about 6 months back by Times Now-CVoter in July 2013 and then again in October 2013 and the report says that BJP is gaining popularity as the election dates are coming closer. In July 2013 opinion poll of Lok Sabha election 2014 projection was UPA - 136, NDA - 156 and Others - 251 with Congress as single party getting 102 seats losing 104, while BJP getting 162 seats gaining 46 seats. In October 2013 survey things were much dissapointing for UPA as the opinion poll restricted them with total 117 seats reducing Congress seats in double figures only, while NDA marching ahead to 186 seats and Others 240 seats. In both the surveys it is clear that there will be fractured mandate and the parties falling in others will hold the key in forming the next Government in centre.

It is not sure that the present scenario of the survey may persist as there is dramatic changes in the political field each and everyday. Rising popularity of new party Aam Admi Party of Arvind Kejriwal can change the equation especially when they have decided to field about 300 contestants in Lok Sabha election especially in urban areas and this may cause a setback for BJP. However things are changing frequently and we will be right here will all the updates of Lok Sabha election 2014.

Watch exit poll result at various news channels of India

Exit poll will start exactly at 5.00 PM on 12th May at every news channels. You can watch exit poll with Rajat Sharma at India TV, with Arnab Goswamu at Times Now, with Prasun, Anjana Om Kashyap, Shweta Singh at Aaj Tak. For Aaj Tak exit poll go to link Aaj Tak exit poll result, For exit poll result at Zee news ref to Exit poll result on Zee news.

Many regional news channels will be presenting exit polls for their states which can be more accurate. For Assam and other sister states watch exit poll result at News Live Assamese news channel. For Telangana and Seemandhra election watch exit poll at ABN Andhra Jyoti news channel and V6 Telugu news channel. For West Bengal election watch exit poll at 24 Ghanta and ABP bangla or Star Ananda news channel.

Lok Sabha 2014 election statewise exit poll updates

For exit poll result of each and every lok sabha seats statewise ref to Exit poll result for lok sabha election 2014 live for all 543 seats in each state.

Here is the prediction of Updates India for each state. Please note that this is merely a prediction and actual exit poll result for each state will be available at Exit poll result for lok sabha election 2014 live for all 543 seats in each state.

  • Andhra Pradesh - NDA - 17, YSR Congress -10, TRS - 10, Congress - 5. In assembly election for Seemandhra NDA - 80, YSR Congress - 65, Congress - 20, Others -10 and for Telangana assembly seats - TRS - 65, Congress - 35, NDA - 12, Others 5
    For live counting, results, winner in Andhra Pradesh lok sabha seats and assembly seats for both Telangana and Seemandhra ref to Andhra Pradesh lok sabha and assembly election live counting, result and partywise position

  • Assam - Congress - 7, BJP - 3, Others - 4.
    Lok sabha election live counting and result at seven sister states.

  • Bihar - NDA - 24 (BJP -22, LJP - 2), UPA - 12 (RJD -8, Cong - 3, NCP - 1), JDU - 4. For actual result Watch live counting and results for at Bihar lok sabha election live counting, result and partywise position.

  • Tamil Nadu - AIDMK - 26, NDA - 5, DMK - 4, Congress - 4. See Tamil Nadu result and partywise position for LS Polls 2014

  • Rajasthan - BJP - 22, Congress - 03. For constituency wise live counting and final result and winners of Rajasthan ref to Rajasthan election live counting and result.

  • Madhya Pradesh - BJP - 22, Congress - 6, Others - 1. Again this is a state where BJP will be expecting to gain restricting Congress to further detoriating position. For constituency wise live counting and final result and winners of Madhya Pradesh ref to Madhya Pradesh election live counting and result.

  • Uttar Pradesh - NDA - 45 (BJP - 42), UPA - 8 (Cong -5, RLD - 3) BSP - 15, Sp - 12. In 2009 Congress got 21 seats but this time the state with highest number of MP seats will not be favorable for Congress. See Uttar Pradesh result and partywise position for LS Polls 2014

  • Delhi - BJP - 5, Cong -1, AAP -1. For constituency wise live counting and final result and winners of Delhi ref to Delhi election live counting and result.

  • Kerala - This time Left front will be the gainer restricting Congress allies to as less as 9 seats. LDF - 10, UDF - 9, BJP - 01. See Kerala result and partywise position for LS Polls 2014

  • Maharashtra - NDA - 32 (BJP - 20, Shiv Sena - 12), UPA - 16 (congress - 10, NCP -06). Congress and NCP will be loser of huge number of seats and same will be gained by BJP and Shiv Sena. See Maharashtra result and partywise position for LS Polls 2014.

  • Karnataka - BJP - 12, Congress - 13, JDS - 3. This state can act as a rescue for Congress and it may be the lone state where Congress can be in gaining position, though Yedurappa joining BJP may spoil the expectation of Congress from this state too. See Karnataka result and partywise position for LS Polls 2014.

  • Punjab - NDA - 7, UPA - 6. SAD and BJP alliance with gain and can win majority of seats. Arun Jetley contesting first time from Amritsar against Capt Amrinder Singh of Congress.

  • West Bengal - AITC - 25, Left Front - 8, BJP - 6, Congress -3. Trinmul Congress may increase its tally to 25, restricting Left front and Congress here.

  • In percentage of votes NDA will be getting highest percentage about 38%, 27% for UPA and others may get 35% votes. However the real opinion poll which will reflect more clear picture will come out in April 14, and will be updated. Also stay tuned for exit poll after the election is over.

    Overall exit poll guess of Updates India for 543 seats

    Bookies are predicting 310 seats for NDA out of which 50 in UP, 35 in Maharashtra, 30 in Bihar, 26 in Andhra Pradesh, 26 in Madhya Pradesh, 24 in Gujarat, 23 in Rajasthan, 18 in Karnataka, 12 in West Bengal, 11 in Chhattisgarh, 10 in Jharkhand, 8 in Tamil Nadu, 7 in Assam, 7 in Odisha, 6 in Delhi, 4 in Haryana, 4 in Punjab, 4 in Kerala and 5 at other places.
    Our prediction is as follows
    NDA - 278 (BJP - 236, SHS - 13, SAD - 3, Other allies - 26)

    UPA - 119 (Congress - 92, RJD - 8, RLD - 2, JMM - 3, Other allies - 14)

    Othres 146 including (AIDMK - 26, AITC - 24, BSP - 12, SP - 8, Left Front - 16, JDU - 04, Others - 56)


    Dr. S. Choudhary said...

    As per the latest survey, an opinion poll done by Hansa Research for NDTV, NDA will be getting required majority and will reach 275 in which BJP itself will get 226 seats which is highest ever of this party and highest for any party since 1991. UPA will be restricted to 111 in which Congress will get merely 92 seats. Trinmul Party led by Mamata Banerjee will be third largest party with almost 30 seats.

    In UP itself BJP will be getting more than 50 seats.

    snehasis choudhury said...

    NDA. 230 UPA 140 TMC 22 LEFT 30 AIADMK 25 BJD 12 SP 20 BSP 15 AMM 13 DMK 10 JDU 05

    Rahul Ranjan said...

    Its one of the best blog I ever found on the General Election Issue. I was not looking for this kind of story but really its too much interesting. I read 4 or 5 articles all are mind blowing, specially the way in which these articles are written is exceptional. some of the good news found is on but all the news are very general.

    VIVEK SINGLA said...

    NDA will got around 326 seats in election 2014.

    Siktendu Banerjee said...

    NDA 340 UPA 85 TMC 15 LEFT 18 AIADMK 29 JDU 3

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