Anita Advani live in partner of Rajesh Khanna profile wiki, biography : Contestant of Bigg Boss 7

Sunday, September 15, 2013
Anita Advani contestant Bigg Boss season 7 Anita Advani came in limelight after the death of Rajesh Khanna when she claimed his house Ashirwad and his property as she was in live in relationship with this mega star and was with even when she was in his last hour of his life. Ever since Rajesh Khanna was separated from his actress wife Dimple Kapadia, it was Anita Advani who always stood with the super star in all the phase of happiness and sorrow.

Anita Advani is believed to be a childhood friend of Rajesh Khanna and there is a news that he even dated Anita Advani for 8 years. Before the death of Rajesh Khanna on July 18th 2012, she was living with him for last 10 years.


Anita Advani biodata and personal information

Age of Anita Advani - 51 years.

Family of Anita Advani

Anita Advani is niece of former president of Philippines Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos. She was childhood friend super star late Rajesh Khanna and even dated for 8 years in her teens. Since 2002 she was in live in relationship with him. Though little is known about husband of Anita Advani but the news which came after Dimple, Akshay Kumar, Twinkle and Rinkie filed an RTI that she is married and the name of Anita Advani husband is Rodricks Victor Anthony and was allotted a Slum Rehabilitation Authority flat in Kitkat society, off Pali Hill in Bandra. Husband of Anita Advani was a liftman in Air India, however it is still not confirmed whether this is same Anita Advani or someone else.

Anita Advani claims herself as a surrogate wife of Rajesh Khanna and claimed his property. She also filed a domestic voilence case against Dimple Kapadia, Akshay Kumar, Twinkle and Rinkie Khanna.

Anita Advani in and as contestant of Bigg Boss season 7

Anita Advani had revealed many things about super star Rajesh Khanna and his family, she even blamed of being sexually assaulted by Rajesh Khanna as well as filed case against his family for domestic voilence. The matter for legal claim of property of Rajesh Khanna is still in court and Dimple even tried to settle the matter out of the court but failed in doing so. Anita Advani in Bigg Boss can reveal many hidden sectrets of Rajesh Khanna and his family. It will also be interesting to see if Akshay Kumar comes to rpomote any of his movie in Bigg Boss and faces Anita Advani. Just wait and watch.



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