Land acquisition bill : Key features, advantages and drawbacks

Thursday, August 29, 2013
After mother now it is turn of son. Sonia Gandhi's favorite Food security bill has been passed, now Rahul Handhi's pet Land acquisition bill will be placed today. After few amendments the bill looks beneficial for land owners but still lots of pros and cons are there preparing another platform for a scam. However at this preparatory phase of election INC will never lose the opportunity to deviate people from the real problem of economic crisis, inefficiency and corruption charges. First let us see the salient features of this land acquisition bill.

What is land acquisition bill and its salient features

There is a complex as the land falls in States list while acquisition and reacquisition is Centre's as well as States legislature. The key features in the amended Land acquiion bill are

Whenever the land will be acquired by Government consent of 80 per cent of people will be made mandatory, however this consent will not be applicable if it is acquired for public purpose that is for strategic purposes, infrastructure and industry or if the land is acquired for Government's own use.

The norms for acquisition will be different for urban and rural lands, the compensation for rural land has been reduced to 4 times of registered value from 6 times in the amendment.

For SC/ST land will be compensated by land which has been reduced to 1:2.5 from 1:5.

An allowance will be provided which will be 3000 Rs per month per family for one year and annualy Rs 2000 for 20 years.

Under special circumstances provision of employment is there for land acuisition by the Government.

Under special circumstances 5% cap will be given for multi crop lands.

Though states are independent for their own land acuisition laws, however if the land acuired by centre remains idle for 10 years it will go in States land bank.


Pros and Cons of Land acquisition bill

Well even after curtailment enough benefits has been provided to the land owner unless the land is properly utilized to build infrastructure. However there are many lapses which is required to be corrected or to be looked after. Huge lands are still with Government acquired illegally but no steps has been taken to reacquire them.

Without proper project the land acquired will remain in Centre's or State's land bank which will be captured and the land mafia will be maximum benefitted by this bill. We have witnessed the support of Government to Sand mafia in the case of Durga Shakti Nagpal.

Farmers will readily give their lands as the cost of producing rice may be 1400 Rs per quintal while after Food security bill they can get at the rate of 200 Rs. Thus the food crisis will grow further hampering Indian economy.

Land mafia will be in profit who have acquired land in cheap rate and will provide getting all the benefits and poorer section will be devoid of both land as well as benefits provided by the Government.

There are many more drawbacks your response to highlight the pros and cons are invited

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