Bigg Boss 10 : 9th December 55th episode updates breaking from the house : Bani lost on Swami's words and who became new captain

Friday, December 9, 2016
Bani is highly volatile at present and now Swami made such a comment that she totally lost her cool. It was during the captaincy task when Bani was supporting Gaurav and Swami Om Priyanka. Captaincy task ultimately became very ugly and furious. Now who became captain? What did actually Swami Om said? See all details of 9th December, 55th episode updates.


3rd December 2016 captaincy task in Bigg Boss 10 - Who became captain

Among Gaurav, Nitibha and Lopa it was Gaurav who became the contender for captaincy and he had to compete with Priyanka Jagga to retain his captaincy. The task was that both Gaurav and Priyanka will be tied by harness and will be lifted in air by three members of each team. Priyanka Jagga got Swami Om, Sahil and Nitibha while Gaurav was pulled by Lopa, Rahul and Mona.
While Rahul, Mona and Lopa were using full strength to keep Gaurav in air, Swami Om used all his strength for Priyanka. Sahil was sincere in the task too especially when Priyanka started crying and pleaded for help. Bani instigated Sahil advising him not to get carried away by emotions and tears of Priyanka.

Bani lost her cool on Swami Om's comment

Captaincy task was on full swing but when Bani continuously poked Sahil not to give his 100% effort Swami Om commented on Bani telling that "teri ma maj jayegi". Actually he was pleading not to stop Sahil. He said tumhe maa ki kasam hai ab tum roki to ma mar jayegi. He was meaning the consequences of the kasam. Bani whose mother is a cancer patient lost her cool and she snapped on Swami, she was almost there to hit him but Manveer intervened. Later Bani snapped on entire housemates especially Gaurav as no one at that moment came to shut Swami Om's mouth and all were busy in winning the task.
Bani was so upset that she started banging the doors of Bigg Boss house. Later everyone and Priyanka too told Swami about the condemn able words he had spoken. Swami Om went to Bani holding his ears to seek apology, but Bani was in no mood to forgive.

Finally it was Priyanka who won the task and became the new captain of the house. How the entire situation came under control? Bigg Boss intervened and what action was taken by Bigg Boss ? What more action and drama took place. Stay tuned for more updates.


Bigg Boss 10 : 8th December 54th episode : Press conference in the house, Bani walks off

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
A press conference is organized in Bigg Boss house and several questions releted to relationship in house, outside house is asked to every contestants. Some questions were really eye opener for other contestants. Here are the details updates of Bigg Boss 10 8th December that is 54th episode.
Now it really seems that there is no team as everyone is playing individually. The contestants have spats regularly with each other and then weekly grilling on weekend ka waar. The grilling session was organised in the form of press conference in Bigg Boss house and many hidden secrets were revealed.


Gaurav Chopra being the captain is asked two chose two worst player and put them in jail, he takes the name of Om Swami and Lopa. Lopa gets furious as she is one of the contestant who will fight for being contender for captaincy. She refuses but finally goes to jail. Now what task will be between Nitibha, Lopa and Gaurav to challenge Priyanka. Who became captain? Stay tuned to get more updates.

Bani J walks of from press conference in Bigg Boss 10

During the press conference Bani J was asked questions and during her answers Lopa interfered several times as all her answers ultimately were pointing towards her. Initially Bani J avoided and just warned her not to interfere, but Lopa continued to defence herself from Bani's attack during her answer.
Fed up with Lopa and seeing no scope to allege Lopa, Bani walks of from press conference when she was talking about her friend Gauhar Khan and Lopa interfered again. Bani J stood up made a very filthy remark (showed middle finger to Lopa), left the conference room and came back to Bigg Boss house. She closed herself in bathroom and started crying. When other housemates came even then she did not opened the door and asked them to stay away. Later Bani again joined the press conference.

For more details of 8th December episode stay tuned for updates as it will be done here regularly. The interesting questions will be narrated and how contestants defended themselves, what secrets were revealed and what was post conference reaction of housemates with each other. All to be updated soon.


Bigg Boss 10 : 7th December 53rd episode : Gaurav's stand changes Taxi stand task, Who won?

Luxury budget task always creates a new equation and some or other relationship is exposed. This time it was friendship of Bani and Gaurav. On second day of Taxi stand task the scenario was more severe. Here is the detail updates of Bigg Boss 10 7th December 2016 53rd episode breaking from the house.

Bigg Boss 10 : 6th December 52nd episode updates - Task Taxi driver and passengers details

Monday, December 5, 2016
Luxury budeget task Taxi driver and passengers is announced by Bigg Boss and to get maximum footage, the chaos in the task in inevitable. Here are the detail updates of Bigg Boss 10 6th December 52nd episode and task Taxi driver and Passengers and task related incidences.

Bigg Boss 10 : 5th December, 51st episode updates breaking from the house : Manu out and Who are nominated

After Swami Om, Manu had to take sudden exit from the house. Now the equation of the house is totally changed and today,s nomination was like fuel on the fire unmasking the fake friendship and relationship. See updates of 51st episode that is 5th December of Bigg Boss 10. See who all are nominated and by whom and how the house reacted on sudden exit of Manu Punjabi.

Bigg Boss 10 : 4th December weekend ka waar - Who was evicted along with Swami Om

Saturday, December 3, 2016
In weekend ka waar Saturday used to be a grilling day while Sunday use to be fun filled as the tension of eviction already persist. On 3rd December episode Swami Om will be leaving the house along with the contestants evicted through votes. See details of 3rd December weekend ka waar episode updates.

Manu Punjabi and Swami Om out of Bigg Boss 10 : Takes emergency exit

Its shocking, surprising and sad but truth. Manu Punjabi and Swami Om is out of the house due to certain emergency reasons. After four wild card entries there is three sudden exits. One through normal eviction process and two without being nominated. Both Swami Om and Manu Punjabi had emerged as true entertainers, though at times both were loved and hated as well both in and outside the house, but there exit will create a vacuum in the house. Here is the details.

Bigg Boss 10 : 3rd December weekend ka waar - Who got Khalnayak kursi, Manu fiancee and Mona boyfriend spills their heart out

Who was nominated for Khalnayak kursi? What Manu's fiancee and Mona's boyfriend said about their relationship in house? Why Bani got angry when she was again exposed by Manu? See all the updates of Bigg Boss 10 weekend ka waar 3rd December episode here.

Bigg Boss 10 : 2nd December, 47th day breaking from the house live updates : Captaincy became violent Manveer injured

Thursday, December 1, 2016
Planning, plotting, bitching, politics and everything for which Bigg Boss is famous is at the peak in the house now. Now Manveer, Manu and Gaurav is in the fray for captaincy. Captaincy task becomes furious and on the other hand Priyanka gets injured too. See live updates of Bigg Boss 10 2nd December, 47th day live updates.

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